Next Dota 2 patch to come out around November 2018

Next Dota 2 patch to come out around November 2018

The international 2018 is squarely behind us and the Dota 2 community is looking forward to the next patch update. Patch Updates are periodic updates and changes added to the game which make the game fresh and keep it balanced. This is important in MOBAs as the metagame is constantly evolving.

OG won TI8 after defeating PSG.LGD in the Grand finals. They won prize money amounting to $11.2 million. Dota 2 Updates used to be few and far between, the major patch updates would imply a huge shift in the meta. Recently, Valve has toyed with the idea of releasing fortnightly Dota 2 updates.

However, with the conclusion of TI8, there will be a longer gap between the Dota 2 patch updates. With regular questions from the community, a valve representative has spoken up about the timeline for the next update.

The 7.20 Release time

The current Dota 2 patch is version 7.19. While Valve is known to push forth smaller updates such as 7.19c etc; the big gameplay changes come mostly from bigger updates. The next big Dota 2 update will come in the 7.20 patch update.

In a Reddit post, Valve employee Daniel_J confirmed that the timeline for 7.20 remains similar to that of last year. In 2017, the next ‘big’ patch update happened in the form of 7.07 patch. Valve pushed out the 7.07 patch update on 31st October 2017, a full 80 days after the TI8 Grand finals.

Going by the same timeline, the next Dota 2 update could be anywhere between October to December. With 7.20, we should expect a new hero, most notably Mars.

Grimstroke and Mars were both announced during TI8 amidst much fanfare and fan enthusiasm. While Grimstroke is already live in the Dota 2 servers, Mars is yet to be released. His abilities and statistics are unknown.

We will keep you updated with any news about 7,20 patch update.

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