Fnatic Academy disband roster, bishop joins BLUEJAYS

Fnatic Academy release their whole lineup, while BLUEJAYS trade players.

Fnatic Academy lineup is gone

Today Fnatic announced on their official Twitter that they will be disbanding their Academy CS:GO team.

The organization also went on record on their official website, detailing some of the circumstances that led up to this development and the future of the players.

…due to the changed multi-ownership rules adopted by Valve in regards to CS:GO, we must sadly divest from the Academy team.

The majority of the now former Fnatic Academy lineup joined the team in early April after they won the GAMERZ Season 2 event. Following a trial month, the players were contracted on a permanent basis and only one of them chose to leave the roster. Since then, the lineup has been quite stable and Fnatic seem to be happy with their performance.

The Fnatic Academy roster competed in multiple Minor tournaments since April, though they did not seem to fare that well against more experienced teams. Their best accomplishments include a 4th place ranking in the OGA Counter PIT and placing 3rd – 4th in the Multiplay Insomnia 63.

Despite the fact that the team will no longer be playing under the Fnatic banner, it does not mean that the lineup will be parting ways. According to the official statement, the players will be forming their own team and the roster will be remaining mostly intact. Meddo will be parting ways with his former teammates and will, in turn, be replaced by kamil, who is joining on a trial period.

The roster of the new unnamed team will look like this:

  • AlekS
  • ec1s
  • MaTaFe
  • luckeRRR
  • kami – Trial Member

Changes to BLUEJAYS roster

BLUEJAYS will be making a change in their CS:GO lineup shortly before the start of the new season. xelboW will be departing the roster and his position will be taken by bishop. The news was posted on the official Twitter account of the team.

The change comes as a surprise, considering that xelboW only joined BLUEJAYS on 19 September, less than two weeks ago.

Bishop comes from Sweden and made his professional debut in 2015 with Dark Passage. Since then he has played with multiple teams and has had relative success in the European Minor scene.