Astralis to pass on EPICENTER, dev1ce comments on the state of CS:GO

Astralis will not be attending EPICENTER in October, while dev1ce offers critique of CS:GO on Twitter

Astralis will not be at EPICENTER

The top CS:GO team in the world, Astralis revealed earlier today that they will not be making an appearance at the EPICENTER tournament in Russia later this October. The news comes directly from the official Astralis Twitter.

Though this may be disappointing, one cannot help but understand the team’s position. The CS:GO competitive scene is quite packed, given that there is a new event every week. Sometimes it is a challenge for teams to attend all of them. It is not the first time a CS:GO team has refused an invitation to an event. Cloud9 had to withdraw from the ESL One: New York event because they wanted to participate in the BLAST Pro Series Istanbul 2018.

Still, this only shows that Astralis is in a very comfortable position. There are not too many teams out there that would give up the opportunity to take part in an event of this scale.

dev1ce critiques CS:GO

Astralis’ member dev1ce went on Twitter a few hours ago to comment on the state of CS:GO and how Valve are running the show.

Dev1ce is not the only CS:GO personality to make similar claims. Other prominent CS:GO players have stated that the game is in need of changes and that it is becoming stale. The accusation that Valve is more interested in selling skins than developing content is not without merit.

In 2018, there have been relatively few updates to the base gameplay. The last patch that introduced changes to the game itself was in June, though it only included small tweaks rather than any groundbreaking developments. All it introduced was changing the stats of some weapons and the removal of the skybox on Mirage.

In previous years, Valve would release the so-called Operations, which brought new maps and kept the game fresh. However, content development has been lacking in 2018. Arguably, the only noteworthy introduction was that of the MP5-SD. However, the new weapon was criticized for being a carbon copy of the MP7 and that it was not available in competitive play. The implementation of the Panorama UI was a nice touch on the outdated interface, but it did nothing for the game as a whole.

Odds at Epicenter 2018

At present, the betting on the Betway esports odds can be of any consistency. A few different betting markets are sold to the client on the situation. These are the heroes who will be the most favoured in the Dota 2 game at the competition.

The odds for this segment on the highest bets are:

  • Tusk – 3/1 Favourite
  • Sand King – 19/4
  • Dark Willow – 7/1
  • Gyrocopter – 8/1
  • Death Prophet, Tiny – 11/1
  • Witch Doctor – 12/1
  • Lifestealer, Rubick – 14/1
  • Ancient Apparition, Terrorblade – 16/1
  • 20-1 bar.


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