Optic Gaming win Gears Pro Circuit : San Diego Open

Optic Gaming win Gears Pro Circuit : San Diego Open

Optic Gaming has cemented their place as the best team in Gears of War with yet another trophy in the esports title. Their victory at the Gears Pro Circuit: San Diego Open 2018 earns them a prize money of $100,000. But besides the cash prize pool, it is their ability to defeat several new upcoming teams which reiterates their dominance.

Final Placements at Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open

The new Optic Gaming roster is quite different from the previous roster. With the new roster, there were apprehensions of Optic’s ability to win the San Diego Open. There were already several close contenders for the title including Ghost Gaming and Space Station.

Ghost Gaming – Still the biggest competitor to Optic Gaming

Ghost Gaming is still the biggest competitor to Optic GAming. The team looked weak at the New Orleans Open and there were talks that the team was losing steam. But despite being knocked down to the losers finals at San Diego, Ghost Gaming bounced back to face Optic in the finals. They did fail to defeat Optic yet again, however, this shows their resilience and their ability to make it into the finals on a consistent level.

With several new teams emerging and Optic’s dominance under constant threat, Ghost Gaming is positioned well to take advantage of any weakness in Optic’s arsenal.

Space Station: The New team on the block

Space Station was the welcome addition to the Gears Pro Circuit. Securing a third-place finish at San Diego, Space Station is quickly becoming a strong and talented roster. The Space Station team will be under a microscope for the next few tournaments as teams are excited to see what this roster brings to the scene.

Optic Gaming – Gears of War

The Optic Gaming’s new Gears of War team

Optic Gaming remains the strongest team in the Gears of War circuit. Despite roster changes, Optic Gaming has a strong arsenal of tactics and strategies. Indeed their players were heard telling each other not to reveal strategies during the Grand Finals at San Diego. With Optic’s ability to constantly evolve and educate themselves about new changes in the meta, they are always staying a step ahead. However, it is always difficult to maintain your position at the top rather than the climb itself. With teams like Ghost Gaming, Station as well as several new rosters like Rise Nation proving to be a threat to their dominance, Optic has a tough task on their hands.