Odium lose another member, WU TANG form new roster

Lil’s new team is falling on hard times less than a month after its creation, while WU TANG comes out with a new roster

Odium lose more members

Odium has just posted on their official Twitter account that yet another member will be leaving the lineup.

The newly formed team has not even existed for more than a month and now a third member is leaving its ranks. The Ukrainian lineup originally included Lil, Ghostik, CemaTheSlayer, V-Tune and GeneRaL, but with Ghostik leaving the team, only Lil and CemaTheSlayeR remain.

This development comes after a series of losses against TFT, Team Empire and Alliance. Despite a victory versus EPG, Odium cannot keep its members. V-Tune and GeneRaL departed after the unfruitful Kuala Lumpur Major CIS Qualifier, where Odium placed 5 – 6th, being eliminated by Espada. The matches from ESL One: Hamburg were played with substitutes Naive and Oxaien.

So far, Odium has not made any comment regarding who will fill the empty positions or how they view the future of the team.

WU TANG with new squad

Dota 2 team WU TANG has just received a new full lineup. The team will include the following players:

  • Flash
  • bOne7
  • Undershock
  • Mastermind
  • CharlieDota

bOne7 is an already established Dota 2 professional, who up until recently was playing with Mango Bay. He has a history in the pro scene and will likely bring a lot to the table. Previously, he was a Coach for Team NP, but after the stint with the team ended, he returned as a regular player.

UnderShock is another experienced player who comes from Burden Unlimited. In the past, he as played with several top-tier professional teams, including Vega Squadron and HellRaisers. His Dota 2 career dates back to 2013 and he has had a strong run in 2018.

Mastermind and Flash come from more humble origins. While both have been in the pro scene since 2015, neither has had a major breakthrough in his career. They have mostly stuck to regional tournaments with mid-tier teams in the past. Mastermind was a member of Burden Unlimited, while Flash was playing with MangoBay alongside bOne7.

Not much is known about the fifth member of the lineup – CharlieDota. He was not a member of any team prior to joining WU TANG.