EXL release roster, Jade joins Bye Week

Overwatch team Bye Week shifts around roster, while EXL-Esports completely scraps theirs

Bye Week changes players

Amateur US team Bye Week has announced the inclusion of a new player to the active roster. John “Jade” Gambrel will be part of the main roster of the team, following the departure of Joey “Jkw” Wavering.

The current roster of Bye Week looks like this:

  • Iefa – DPS
  • Waifu – Flex
  • Shereshoy – Tank
  • Pizzademon – Support
  • Jade – DPG

The current roster is still one player short of full and we expect to hear more about the team in the near future.

Bye Week is a newly established Overwatch team, founded in March 2018. They focus on low-tier tournaments and have so far, competed in around a half dozen. Their best accomplishment to date is scoring first in the Texas Takedown Minor Tournament in June. Bye Week has also taken part in two Majors though they did not manage to place high in the brackets. They finished 9-10th and 11-12th in the Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 1 and Season 2, respectively.

EXL-Esports disbands roster

South Korea’s EXL-Esports organization has released all members of their three teams. The full dissolution of the organization was finalized yesterday and confirmed on Twitter.

The EXL brand was established in 2017, though for the two years that it has been active, neither of their teams has achieved anything of note. It is estimated their winnings are just over $10,000, most of which comes from low-tier events.

While the active lineup has been released, the organization will not close its doors. The current management is still active, including the COO, CTO and Coach. Moreover, the organization has also confirmed on Twitter that it is looking to recreate its main team and that a new roster will be announced shortly.

Still, one has to question the future of EXL and the role the team will have in the Overwatch professional scene. The disbanded roster was active for less than three months, having been formed in June 2018.