Chief eSports Club shuffle lineup, poem leaves SZ Absolute

Chief eSports Club bring changes to the player lineup, while SZ Absolute part ways with poem

Chief eSports Club introduce new players to roster

Chief eSports Club have had a somewhat volatile year in terms of the stability of its roster. From the start of 2018, six members have left the team. Most recently, pecks and apoc were the last to depart in July and September, respectively. Since then, Chief have been in limbo. However, as of earlier today, the roster is finally ready to play.

The Twitter announcement sums up nicely. Three new players will be joining the ranks of Chief, namely MoeycQ, IyeN and InfrequeNt. They will become part of the active roster, while dizzy will be moved to the inactive lineup. With this in mind, Chief eSports Club’s squad will look like this:

  • Texta
  • flickz
  • MoeycQ
  • IyeN
  • InfrequeNt

All current members of Chief hail from Australia, which will certainly have a positive impact on communication efficiency.

Chief eSports Club have had relative success in 2018, winning multiple Minor tournaments and coming in second at the Gfinity Elite Series AU Major. Their next appearance will be at the eXTREMESLAND Asia Finals in China, which will begin on 18 October.

poem leaves SZ Absolute

Japanese CS:GO team SZ Absolute revealed today that poem will be leaving the organization. The reason cited is that poem’s performance is not up to par with the team’s requirements. Originally, the player had been making an effort to return to form but as it happens, he was not able to perform his role well enough.

Poem has also gone on record saying that he has greatly enjoyed his time with the team but personal reasons prevent him from playing better and he will be actively looking to improve his situation.

Poem had a long tenure with SZ Absolute, first joining at the start of 2017. During his stay with the organization, SZ Absolute went on to win multiple Minor tournaments and placed 5-8th in several Majors. Poem was initially benched on 15 August 2018 and coach Reita filled up the empty slot in the roster. His removal from the team was made public today.