Grayhound confirm Gratisfaction exit, Hellcase Cup 7 announced.

Grayhound has officially confirmed the exit of their star player Gratisfaction. The Oceanic team has surprised several analysts and professional players with their skill level and individual talent.

Gratisfaction has been the shining star for Grayhound as they rose to International prominence in 2018. He has been able to average around 1.8 throughout the year. Grayhound has mostly been playing against top teams such as Faze Clan, MiBr etc. This makes his individual performance all the more impressive.

The tweet does suggest a potential move outside of Australia for Gratisfaction. This would be a great pickup for any team looking to compete in the Tier 2 NA scene. As for Grayhound, they have not yet announced his replacement on the roster.

The Grayhound roster which attended Shanghai 2018

The Grayhound CS: GO roster is as follows :

  • Christopher “dexter” Nong
  • Ollie “Dickstacy” Tierney
  • Liam “malta” Schembri
  • Erdenetsogt “erkaSt” Gantulga

With Renegades Counter-Strike team looking forth to making potential changes, we can expect Gratisfaction to have a very important role. His performance with several Australian teams proves his worth to any potential new team. For the Renegades roster, they recently lost one of their best players in Nifty. His departure will definitely leave a big hole in their firepower. Renegades will need to step up on an individual as well as team level in order to start winning again.

Hellcase Cup 7 to restart in October 2018

Hellcase Cup will see a restart in early October. The first half of the tournament was held in February 2018. It saw four teams qualify into the playoffs. The four qualified teams are :

  • Avangar
  • AGO
  • Kinguin
  • Alternate Attax

Joining these ‘qualified teams’ will be four directly invited teams. The invited teams present a decent mixture of skill and tactics. They provide the correct representation of the region and we will see fans taking sides at the event. The playoffs will be single elimination events

The directly invited teams to the Hellcase Cup 7:

  • Vega Squadron,
  • Fragsters
  • Spirit
  • Imperial.

The tournament has a prize pool of $57,000. The prize distribution is as follows :

  • 1. – $22,800
  • 2. – $11,400
  • 3-4. – $5,700
  • 5-8. – $2,850

The Hellcase Cup 7 resumes on October 1st. All the matches can be seen live on Twitch.

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