Astralis win Blast Pro Series 2018

The Blast Pro series has come to an end with Astralis emerging as victors for the tournament. The tournament features six teams playing BO1 group stage matches. The round robin format is not ideal but is potentially the best that could be managed in the limited time frame.

Astralis entered the Grand finals after an undefeated 5-0 in the Group stage. They seemed to continue from their Major form with excellent tactics and great individual skill. The Astralis roster is not the most skilled roster on paper in CS: GO. However, they have the perfect knowledge of their skills and its limitations. The Astralis team continued to the finals and emerged as the winners.

However, it was not without hiccups as MiBr was extremely close to winning the finals themselves. The Grand finals, especially the final map of Inferno saw Fallen and Glaive go head to head on their tactics and strategy. Astralis used their fake towards the B Bombsite regularly and efficiently. Sometimes they would even fake the fake in order to confuse Fallen and Made in Brazil.



While Astralis did not win the finals as convincingly as the Major finals, their victory paves the way for yet another trophy for the team. As we look forward to the upcoming season, it will be interesting to note how the teams can perform against Astralis. For a team, to maintain its position at the top of the ladder is often more difficult than to challenge the established team.

Made in Brazil – A remarkable comeback


The MiBr team did not look strong just a few months ago. They were a far cry from the glory days of SK Gaming. This is when they decided to add YNK as their coach. Under his guidance, we saw a remarkable change for the MIBr roster. Fallen and co. were able to play aggressive and surprise their enemies. This is not about surprising and taking a positional advantage, but a reclaiming of form for MiBr. The Made in Brazil roster put up a very strong performance at the Blast Pro series finals.

The resurgence of Made in Brazil roster is good news for Counter-Strike. The Major was seemingly one sided with the other Grand finalist team, Natus Vincere unable to provide any sort of resistance. The only other team with the potential to challenge Astralis lost out in the Playoffs [ Faze Clan]. With MiBr definitely looking much stronger than before, the upcoming season of Counter-Strike will not be as one-sided as before.

With this win, Astralis take home a cash prize of $125,000. In addition to this, they establish themselves as the Number 1 team in the world.

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