LGD Gaming sign GAGA as NEXT tournament comes to a close

LGD Gaming has announced that GAGA will be joining their roster, following the end of the NEXT tournament.

GAGA signs with LGD Gaming

Earlier today, LGD Gaming posted on their official Twitter account that Qie ‘GAGA’ Jiaxun has become part of their Overwatch lineup.

GAGA seems to have impressed the team with his performance in LAN events and will now be given the chance to make a name for himself in the professional scene. Little is known about GAGA save for the fact that he is a Chinese national and that he plays as a Tank. It is still not clear, however, how GAGA would fit in the active roster, considering that there are currently nine active members.

LGD Gaming is a popular Chinese eSports organization that runs multiple teams across several different games, including League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and more. Its Overwatch division has competed in multiple regional tournaments since 2016. LGD Gaming has seen decent success in 2018, placing second in two Overwatch Contenders tournaments and receiving more than $45,000 as a result.

NEXT Tournament concludes

The announcement of GAGA’s inclusion to LGD Gaming comes with the close of the NeXT Tournament Summer. The event was relatively small and it ran for two days, starting on 26 September and finishing the next day on 27 September. Four teams competed for a larger piece of the CNY 100,000 (~$30,000), more specifically RunAway, T1w Esports Club, LinGan e-Sports and LGD Gaming.

The format of the tournament was Single Elimination and it began with the match between T1w Esports Club and LinGan e-Sports. T1w dominated throughout the matchup, winning all 3 maps only dropping a single round on Dorado. Next came the LGD Gaming vs RunAway match. While things looked up for LGD in the beginning, RunAway took the advantage on the second map and ran with it. Ultimately, the game concluded 1 – 3 in RunAway’s favor and it propelled the team to the Finals against T1w.

The match for third place was between LinGan e-Sports and LGD Gaming. The best-of-three match was completely one-sided and LGD took both maps with minimal resistance from LinGan. The match concluded 2 – 0 for LGD.

The Finals were much more competitive than the previous matches. T1w Esports Club went up against RunAway and every map they played was contested. Though RunAway would win four maps to T1w’s zero, the match was certainly entertaining and is worth watching.