J.Storm announces Dota 2 team, Darkest Dungeons announcer pack will release soon

J.Storm announces Dota 2 team, Darkest Dungeons announcer pack will release soon

VGJ.Storm is no longer associated with Vici Gaming according to a new press release by the organisation. This decision comes in the wake of Valve’s DPC rules which forbid multiple teams from having the same ownership.

In addition to this, VGJ.Thunder will no longer be a Dota 2 team moving forward. This definitely is a blow to aspiring players but the organisation had to ensure compliance with Valve’s rules. The organisation has now rebranded to J.storm. They also mention their intention to focus on Dota 2, Fortnite and other games in North America. The diversification of the origination comes especially as thy ad to reorganise after the Valve DPC rules.

J.Storm Dota 2 roster

The new J.Storm roster for the upcoming DPC season is as follows:

  • Jonathan Bryle De Guia
  • David Moo Hull
  • Milan MiLAN Kozomara
  • Sangdon FoREv Lee
  • Taewon March Park

We are thrilled to welcome Moo, Bryle, FoREv, MiLAN and March to J.Storm. We are focused on building off of the success we had last year as a new org and welcoming in a new set of players. We have a talented stack of five quality players that are hungry to compete at the highest level. Following the team’s successful run in the Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers, we’re confident that we’ll only improve as we grow together and continue to build our fan base in North America.

Chandler Dent, J.Storm’s General Manager.

J.Storm will be seen live at the ESL One Hamburg Qualifiers starting 29th September 2018.

Dota 2 to release Ancestor Announcer Pack ( Darkest Dungeon)

Darkest Dungeons will release its Ancient Announcer pack in Dota 2 on October 2nd.

Dota 2 usually takes a long time for their music packs and voice announcer packs to release. However, we finally have news that the Darkest Dungeons announcer pack [ or the Ancestor Announcer Pack, which is its official name] will release on October 2nd.

The Ancestor DOTA 2 Announcer Pack will be released for sale on October 2nd for $9.99. Yes that’s right, it’s finally happening! Wayne June has recorded a whomping 715 lines to bring The Ancestor’s narration to the aeon’s long strife of DOTA 2. We even worked with Valve to get new announcer triggers for some lines enabling The Ancestor to continue in his chiding ways. We hope players enjoy the pack as we have been excited to work on it since it was initially proposed years ago.

Meanwhile, the community is eagerly awaiting the next Dota 2 patch ( 7.20).


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