Real Madrid reveals plans to host esports tournaments at Santiago Bernabéu

Spanish Soccer Club Real Madrid has revealed plans of potentially hosting esports tournaments in the future. In a recently released video, Real Madrid highlights the various uses of its revamped stadium. The Santiago Bernabéu construction is expected to start in 2019. Once it is complete, the football club expects it to bring in €150 million per year in revenues.

As we can see at 2:10, The video showcases fans watching a FIFA match in a closed environment. This bodes well for esports as Real Madrid has stayed away from esports till now. Having a big club like Real Madrid invest in esports is definitely going to ensure more coverage and investment in the development of esports.

Transitioning into FIFA is a natural progression for Real Madrid. It is a game that they understand and can develop the culture amongst their esports employees. While we might not see them move into other esports titles just yet, Real Madrid definitely looks set to hosting esports tournaments.

The Santiago Bernabéu stadium

The original Santiago Bernabéu stadium has been hosting Real Madrid games since 1947. It had a seating capacity of 80,000 which will be matched by the new stadium as well. The entire project is expected to cost $617.2 million, Construction is expected to take 3 and a half years to complete.

In addition to esports games, the stadium will also host NFL Games and concerts. Ensuring multiple sources of revenue, the stadium will bring in close to €157 million in revenues per year.

Esports collaboration with football teams

London Spitfire is already in talks with The Spurs to play esports matches at their under-construction Tottenham Spurs stadium. The Overwatch League will require their franchises to establish a Home stadium by 2020. The Home and Away system in the Overwatch League closely resembles that of regular sports.

In addition to this, there have been multiple occasions of football teams entering esports. One of the most well-known esports investors is the French Ligue 1 club – Paris Saint Germaine, which has teams in Rocket League, Dota 2 as well as CS: GO. It has invested heavily in LGD gaming and is a sponsor for almost all of their teams. With esports being so popular among the younger demographic, we expect more investments in esports. Any collaboration between football and esports is always good for the industry since it brings in the expertise and experience of several decades.

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