IoStux looking for new coaching opportunities as he parts ways with XL2.

IoStux looking for new coaching opportunities as he parts ways with XL2.

Ridouan “ioStux” Bouzrou is a German Coach who rose to fame due to his coaching techniques. New York Excelsior Academy team, XL2 signed him on as their coach. Under his guidance, XL2 managed to finish 2nd at the Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 2: North America. They lost 0-4 to Fusion University in the finals.

For now, Ridouan is looking for a new team to coach, preferably in the Overwatch League. His decision to part ways with XL2 definitely does come as a surprise. With Overwatch League teams constantly on the scout for new talent and especially in the coaching department, ioStux can be a valuable asset. Just a few weeks ago, there was intense competition amongst teams to acquire WizardHyeong.

Who is IoStux?

IoStux rose to fame due to his coaching skills and ability to analyze high skilled professional gameplay. His analysis was on point and it was no surprise to see him as a part of a top-level Contenders team. He led the XL2 Academy team to the finals of the Contenders NA.

My name is Ridouan Bouzrou, also known as ioStux. I am a 19-year-old private Overwatch Coach who has worked with low and high tier players alike, building a reputation as the most well regarded private Coach in the scene. I pursue the dream of analyzing/coaching a high tier team and pushing it to the top and not one step below. I am extremely dedicated, competitive and understand how to convey information in an understandable manner without leaving out crucial details. I have put as much time into learning Overwatch as I did discover the most effective ways of pushing players to be their best, in and outside of the game. People I have worked with have described me as dedicated, easy to talk to, analytical, reliable, responsible, friendly and punctual.

As mentioned on his website, he has outlined his trademark features and useful skills.


  • Incredibly dedicated work ethic coached North American team between 2am-8am in Germany.
  • Very straightforward, pragmatic and direct. No hesitation with giving harsh feedback or suggesting roster changes
  • Receptive to critique and willing to adapt
  • Responsible, accountable, confident
  • Empathetic. Knows how to accept other players points of view
  • Communicative and organized with schedules and data
  • Extremely responsive as pointed out by my clients, less than 5 minute response times to seen messages and e-mails
  • Outstandingly flexible. Willing to relocate