San Francisco Shock and Los Angeles Valiant to host the Overwatch California Cup

Two Overwatch League teams have come together to announce the Overwatch California Cup: Southern California. Keeping in line with the ultimate format for the overwatch League these two teams will play against each other regularly for the cup.

The teams are from North California and South California and this Cup will create the rivalry amongst the teams. Fans would obviously flock to their home team and cheer for them. This kind of rivalry is exactly what the Overwatch League is aiming for. However, since the League is still in an expansion phase, any chances of a ‘Home and Away’ format will not come until 2020. This is when Season 3 of the Overwatch League will come into play providing franchises with enough time to secure deals and stadiums for their Home matches. Right now, all the matches are held in Los Angeles.

San Francisco Shock is one of the twelve teams in Season one of OWL.

The first California Cup showdown takes place on October 20 at the Esports Arena Santa Ana. Los Angeles Valiant will be the home city for the inaugural match. The second competition will be held on November 10 at the Esports Arena Oakland with San Francisco as the Home team.

The teams will keep competing against each other throughout Season 2. On the sidelines of these events, they will also host a regular meet and greet events with the fans. There will be smaller tournaments for amateur teams and collegiate rosters. This will also serve as a scouting ground for future Overwatch League prospects.

Ticket Details

The details of the ticket sales have already been released. The tickets are priced between $25 and $75.

  • General ($25): Admission to Southern California ONLY. Northern California (Nov 10) tickets can be found here.
  • VIP ($50): Admission to Southern California event ONLY plus an exclusive VIP gift bag, access to on-site VIP Lounge to not only see but actually hang with the pros, and a commemorative inaugural California Cup merch item. A limited number of tickets at this price are available for purchase.
  • PCH Package ($75): Admission to Southern California AND Northern California event plus VIP swag bag, access to on-site VIP Lounge, and commemorative inaugural California Cup item. A limited number of tickets at this price are available for purchase.

What’s more at these events?

2018-06-17 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Showdown events will feature various other functions apart from the two OWL teams. There will be player signings as well as cosplay competitions. It is a great way to engage with the community as well as to help create a rivalry between the two cities when it comes to esports. The increased competition will see more fan engagement significantly driving up merchandise sales.

We love the concept of finally bringing our matches to our home market in the Bay Area. This is the first time an OWL team is announcing a home market match outside of LA. What better way to kick this off than an incredible rivalry match between the Valiant and Shock.

NRG Esports and San Francisco Shock president Brett Lautenbach.

There is a VIP Lounge for VIP ticket holders. Apart from the Collegiate Clash and the team signings, Eventbrite has also listed out the security measures for this event. After the Jacksonville shooting, event organisers are definitely not taking more risks regarding security at community events.


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