Na’Vi and Astralis reach the finals of FaceIT London Major.

Na’Vi and Astralis reach the finals of FaceIT London Major.

The FaceIT London Major is in its last leg and the final two teams at the Major are now known. After a gruelling day of Semifinal matches, Na’Vi and Astralis emerged victorious in their respective matches.

  • Na’Vi vs MiBr: 2-0
  • Astralis vs Team Liquid: 2-0

Na’Vi win 2-0 against MiBr: A dominating performance

The two teams have looked very similar with their progress at the FaceIT London Major. Not anywhere near their peak form, the two teams have shown signs of progress and development at the Major. Na’Vi did come into the tournament after winning three back to back tournaments.

The current Na’Vi roster looks well oiled and has amazing coordination

The series started with the map veto, which was a bit surprising to fans. However, Na’Vi were not overly surprised with MiBr’s Dust 2 map pick. Keep in mind that MiBr lost 0-16 to Astralis on Dust 2 at this Major. However, the Brazilian squad was very confident of their performance on Dust 2 and it was obvious that MiBr would pick either Inferno or Dust 2. The first map of the series was Overpass. The two teams went back and forth in the initial part of the game but Na’Vi pulled ahead when they won the 8th and 9th row consecutively. The consecutive rounds ensured that the MiBr economy was shattered. Made in Brazil did not help matters with a very inferior buy during the 14th round either. Na’Vi closed the half with a 10-5 scoreline.

Over on the CT side, Na’Vi continued with their momentum to win the first five rounds in a row. While the first three rounds saw bomb plants, Mibr could not manage to even plant the bomb in the 4th and 5th round. While MiBr did stage a mini-comeback when they won the next five rounds. However, it was always a matter of when rather than if. Na’Vi won the map, they dominated Made in Brazil on Dust 2. With this win, and especially the final scoreline, Na’Vi definitely looks like the team to defeat at the FaceIT London Major.

Astralis continue their streak with a clean 2-0 over Team Liquid.

The Astralis roster at FaceIT London Major 2018

The series started off on Nuke, a map surprisingly left in the pool by team Liquid. The initial rounds saw Team Liquid struggle on their gun rounds [ CT Side]. However, the individual skill level on this roster is very high. They were able to constantly win almost impossible rounds, thanks to individual skills. They had several force-buy round wins until Astralis managed to pull things back. The final round of the first half could have been a gamechanger, but Astralis managed to stop the defuse and eventually win the round. Astralis ended the half with a commanding 9-6 lead on the T side.

Team Liquid never really got into the map on their terrorist side. Despite winning the second pistol, Team Liquid was stomped by the Danish team. Astralis had a great backup and ensured they were able to trade frags and pick up superior weaponry for themselves. Eventually, Astralis won the map quite convincingly at 16-8. The scoreline, however, does not properly depict the storyline for the first half.

The second map was Mirage a map in which both teams are quite comfortable on.

Mirage turned out to be more nightmares for team Liquid as they could not get anything going for them on their T side. Astralis was constantly pushing through ensuring they have enough information about the locations of their opponents. At times they would be in Team Liquid’s faces with aggressive A main pushes. But on other occasions, they would take a very passive approach to the round. Team Liquid would waste nades and flashes trying to clear out close-range zones. But Astralis always seemed to have an idea of team Liquid’s positioning.

Excellent In Game Leadership with precise mid-round calls.

The first half ended with a 12-3 scoreline in favour of Astralis. After this, it was only a matter of time that Astralis would wrap up the game. Ultimately the final score on Mirage was 16-7 and it was a very one-sided affair. Astralis exert their dominance in CS: GO once again with this kind of scorelines and their dominance in the map.

Astralis and Natus Vincere will face off against each other in the Grand Finals at 19:10 CEST. The Grand finals is a Best of three matchups with the winner receiving a cash prize of $500,000. The matches will be streamed live on Twitch.

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