Overwatch League News: Shanghai Dragons announce new coach ‘BlueHaS’, Houston Outlaws sign Danteh

Shanghai Dragons announce BlueHas as their Coach for Season 2

BlueHas has a tough job ahead of his upcoming Shanghai Dragons Coaching Job

Shanghai Dragons have announced their new coach for Season 2. The only franchise from China for Season 1 faced a tough task being the ridicule of the community. They were unable to win a single match in the entirety of Season 1. Despite showing promising progress towards the end the Season, the Dragons were never really able to adapt to the change in meta.

Wi “BlueHaS” Seung Hwan is the Head Coach for Season 2. He will have a tough task at his hands as Shanghai Dragons need to save face for Season 2. They were the only Chinese franchise in season 1, but in Season 2 there are multiple Chinese franchises. BlueHas was the coach for South Korean team Kongdoo Panthera. Under his coaching, Kongdoo Panthera was able to make a name for themselves. They finished second losing to X6 Gaming in the finals of the Nexus Cup.

The Official Press Release.

With Season 2 of OWL around the corner, the Shanghai Dragons management team performed a rigorous screening and in-depth analysis in choosing a head coach for Shanghai Dragons in Season 2. Coach BlueHaS’ team always delivered consistently in South Korea OC. The coach and team members got along well. Overwatch has gone through several versions during BlueHaS’ coaching career.

The coach, however, was always able to quickly formulate specific tactics and effectively teach them to team members. As a result, KongDoo Panthera remained strong with each new version. BlueHaS designs tactics that offer flexibility and can be modified to take advantage of the strengths of individual teams and team members. BlueHaS is considered to be a tactical coach with his own management system. It is believed that having BlueHaS onboard will bring new changes to the Shanghai Dragons and a breakthrough in team coordination and tactics for their best performance.

Overwatch League

BlueHas is a very tactical coach and he has a great focus on details. He will be able to leverage the individual strengths of the Shanghai Dragons roster and use them to maximum effect. Whether this will be enough or not for Season 2 is a question for another time.

Can Shanghai Dragons Improve their performance?

Shanghai Dragons will look to improve their performance in Season 2.

Shanghai Dragons have to yet win a single match in the Overwatch League. Their inability to win matches and also seem convincing in many of the early OWL matches saw them go on a losing streak. While they kept losing matches, they also gained the support of a few fans ( who doesn’t want to root for the underdog). But the team was always playing catchup to the meta. By the time, they would perfect a meta, they would end up falling behind the other teams in the League.

This year, there are eight new franchises in the Overwatch League. This also includes several new franchises from China. Do you think Shanghai Dragons just need better coaching? Or do they need a significant roster change in order to start winning matches again?

Houston Outlaws acquire Danteh

Houston Outlaws have signed Danteh from San Francisco Shock. The trade was revealed on Twitter.


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