Epic games reveals new details for the Fall skirmish

Epic games reveals new details for the Fall skirmish

Epic Games is pushing towards Fortnite esports in a big way. It has already announced a prize fund of $100 million through the first year. However, this is divided into several small skirmishes and anyone can play in these tournaments.

Epic Games announced that Fortnite had 78.3 million active players in August 2018. It was their biggest month in terms of a number of players yet. However, there were definitely several problems with the performance and spectating during the Summer Skirmish. Battle Royale is a totally new genre to esports and it becomes difficult for observers, simply because it is not a traditional two-team setup. There are multiple teams with multiple players all competing at the same time. There is a lot of action happening simultaneously across the entire map. The size of the map means that it is impossible to capture all the action and broadcast it live to the viewers simultaneously. While the observers do a fantastic job of being where the action is, they also rely on showing highlights after the skirmish. This method is useful to understand how certain players end up winning crucial fights.

Fortnite Purple Cube turns Loot lake into a ‘bouncing lake’.


The Fortnite Fall Skirmish will take place over a period of six weeks. For this skirmish, Epic games have invited over 500 Content creators to take part in the event. They will be divided into five different clubs. These clubs have unique colours and logos.

The Clubs will compete against each other and earn points based on their performance every week. In addition to the points, they will also compete for a prize pool of $400,000. This money will be divided based on their performance through the event.



We took a number of learnings from the Summer Skirmish series and are bringing back some formats you may remember from the summer competition. We’ll kick off Week 1 this Friday at 12:00 PM EST with Group 1 play, and follow up at 4:00 PM EST with Group 2 play.

Outside of the familiar Friday competitions, we are also introducing weekly trials for select members of each Club to complete in order to earn additional points for their Club. As always, expect Fall Skirmish to continue to mix up the formats each week with subtle changes to the Friday competitions and more extravagant changes to the weekly Trials.

The Fall Skirmish will mix up formats through the event. There will be small changes to the Friday competitions, while the weekly trials will have much larger trials.

The first week will see a Duos matchup and featuring Epic Games ‘Hold The Throne’ format. This mode awards points for more eliminations as well as finishing high in the match. The team with the most eliminations at the end of the round earns two extra points. The team that finishes first [ with most points] will take home $67,500 while the remaining prize money will be divided amongst other teams.

Further information about the Fall Skirmish is available on the Epic Games website. Fall Skirmish will start this Friday at 12PM EST for the Group 1 play. It will be available for viewing on Twitch.