Nintendo announces a special Fortnite Switch Bundle with in-game goodies.

Nintendo announces a special Fortnite Switch Bundle with in-game goodies.

Fortnite is the biggest craze in the gaming industry at present. It is a runaway success on all platforms, PC, console and Mobile. The success of the game is partly due to the Battle Royale genre as well as the In-game graphics of the game. So it is not surprising to see Nintendo announce a Fortnite Switch bundle. It would be foolish to not get in on the Fortnite craze and the new bundle will release on October 5th.

Nintendo Switch gets a Fortnite Bundle

Fortnite has been a huge success so far

Nintendo Switch has put together offers with several games and a few are coming out later in the year. But those games are often paid games and it makes sense to buy those bundles than Fortnite. So why should you consider getting the Fortnite bundle?

Fortnite is a free to play the game with in-game cosmetic sales. The Nintendo Switch bundle gives buyers 1000 V-bucks. These are usually available for purchase within the game. Players can buy any skin they want with the V-bucks in-game. In addition to this, players also get the Double Helix set, which consists of a Fortnite character skin, back bling, glider and pickaxe. For many players getting these cosmetic items could very well offset the price of the console and the ‘free game’.

The Fortnite Bundle costs $300 in the U.S., roughly the same price as a brand new Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Online Service

Starting September 18th, Nintendo will launch its online service for Switch. The online service includes a monthly subscription fee and provides access to the entire NES Library. In addition, players will also get other perks like Cloud Saving and exclusive offers.

The Nintendo Switch online is available with pricing as follows:

  • 1 month: $4
  • 3 months: $8
  • 1 year: $20

The Nintendo Switch sold 100,000 fewer units in Q2 2018 compared to the same time last year. The introduction of the Nintendo Switch Fortnite bundle would hopefully improve their sales. Fortnite on Mobile and PC is in huge demand with several mainstream sportspersons and media celebrities acknowledging their Fortnite craze.

Fortnite Season 6

The current Season 5 of Fortnite wraps up on September 25. With new in-game items already announced, Epic Games is ready to launch the next Season as soon as possible. There are new in-game items, new cosmetics as well as the mystery of the Purple Cube in-game.

Fortnite loves to start their new seasons with a bang and the Purple cube seems to be in preparation for the same. Usually, they start the new season as soon as the previous season ends. In addition to the Purple game, we will almost certainly see new map changes in the game.

Epic Games will release more information about Season 6 as we head closer to the end of Season 5. We will keep you informed of any news coming from Epic games here.

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