FACEIT Major 2018 Legends Stage Day 2 Recap

FACEIT Major concludes its second day of the New Legends stage last night and with a new round of games expected later today, let us recap on the events that we witnessed the previous day and how they may affect future matches.

BIG vs TYLOO; 16-7

BIG and TYLOO opened the second day of the FACEIT Major, with both having their matches from the previous day. The map of choice was Train, and BIG had the honor of playing on the CT side first. Just like in their match against FaZe, BIG put up an excellent defense, winning 13 rounds in the first half alone. TYLOO had an easier time in the second half, but the round advantage of BIG was simply too much to overcome and the match ended 16-7 for the German team.

Winstrike vs Fnatic; 7-16

The second match of the day saw Winstrike go up against Fnatic on Inferno. The first half of the game was rather even-sided, ending in 7 – 8 in Fnatic’s favor. However, once Fnatic switched to the T side and went on the offensive, things quickly took a turn for the worst for Winstrike. The second half of the match saw Fnatic win 8 rounds in a row, not giving Winstrike any room to breathe. This resulted in a Fnatic victory and a second loss for Winstrike.

Vega Squadron vs Astralis; 4-16

Vega Squadron had an easy time the first day against Cloud9, though that would not be the case in their match against Astralis on day two. The two met on Inferno and Astralis continued what seems to be an unstoppable winning streak. However, it may not have looked that way at first. The first pistol round saw VS’s tonyblack kill four of Astralis’ players and VS also won the next two rounds. But once Astralis was able to purchase full kits, Vega Squadron buckled under the pressure. The Danish team won all but four rounds in the first half and later picked up five more in a row during the second half. Ultimately, the game concluded with 16 rounds for Astralis and only 4 for Vega Squadron.

Cloud 9 vs HellRaisers; 16-19

The fourth match of the tournament between Cloud9 and HellRaisers would also be the most contested one. This is the only game of the second day that we saw go into overtime and it featured many excellent moments for our entertainment. The first half began with Cloud9 on the defense and having relative success for the first three rounds. However, once round 4 began and HellRaisers were able to purchase proper weapons, we saw the tide of the battle turn and HR was able to secure 10 rounds. The second half is where we witnessed the tables being turned. Cloud9 had much more success on the T side and they were able to snatch up 10 rounds, pushing the match into overtime.

The first round in overtime was quite exciting, with autimatic killing all of Hellraisers’ players but not in time to plant the bomb. On round 33, bondik pulled off a quad kill and thus, pushed HellRaisers to match point. The game ended with 19 rounds for HellRaisers and 16 for Cloud9.

compLexity vs G2; 16-11

More than halfway through the day, we witnessed compLexity play against G2 Esports on Cache. Both teams were successful on the T side, however, compLexity was able to secure the advantage by winning 13 rounds during the first half. Despite G2’s best efforts and winning 9 rounds during the second half, compLexity was able to bring in the victory and to establish a 2:0 record in the New Legends stage.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Team Liquid; 10-16

The match between NiP and Team Liquid was no less intense, with the veteran team facing off Mirage. The first half of the game did not show a clear favorite, ending 8 – 7 for NiP. However, once Team Liquid took the CT side the situation changed drastically. The second half was much more one-sided and once Team Liquid picked up the initial advantage it just snowballed into the late game. The match concluded 16 – 10 in Team Liquid’s favor and the North American team now boasts a 2:0 record in the New Legends stage, following a stellar 3:0 in the Qualifier.

Natus Vincere vs FaZe Clan; 16 – 12

The penultimate match of the day was fought between NaVi and FaZe on Overpass and it was certainly worth seeing. The match started with FaZe on the CT side, picking up the advantage in the first three rounds and going with it. NaVi was able to snatch five rounds, but the first half concluded with 10 rounds for FaZe. However, what NaVi could not achieve during the first half, they would absolutely make up for in the second. The second half saw FaZe taking the pistol round, but they were quickly shut down by NaVi, winning 7 rounds in a row. FaZe was able to get in one more round in this half, but ultimately, NaVi was better and the match concluded 16-12 in NaVi’s favor.

mousesports vs MIBR; 6-16

Much like the previous day, the final match was somewhat disappointing. It was between mousesports and MIBR, played out on Dust2. Though MIBR lost by a small margin the first day against TYLOO, they had a much easier time against mousesports. The first half began with MIBR on the offensive, with mousesports winning the initial three rounds. However, past that point MIBR was winning round after round, ending the half at 10-5. The second half saw coldzera showcasing his skills with the pistol, taking down three of mousesports’ members in the first round. The second round did go to mousesports, but after a quad-kill by tarik and a subsequent triple from coldzera again, winning was out of the question for the European team. The game concluded at 16 – 10 for MIBR, which results in a second loss for mousesports in this stage of the tournament.

FACEIT 2018 Major New Legends Stage Day 3

The FACEIT Major continues today, with eight more matches for viewers to enjoy. We will witness the following matches today:

2:0 record

  • BIG vs compLexity
  • Astralis vs Team Liquid

1:1 record

  • Vega Squadron vs Fnatic
  • TYLOO vs HellRaisers
  • Natus Vincere vs Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • G2 Esports vs MIBR

0:2 record – Eliminations

  • Winstrike vs Cloud9
  • FaZe Clan vs mousesports