Invictus Gaming release two team lineups, Tainted Minds rosters changes

Invictus Gaming announces two teams under their brand for Dota 2, while CS:GO team Tainted Minds experiences a shift in their lineup.

iG and iG.Vitality

Earlier today, Invictus Gaming tweeted their new lineups for future Dota 2 tournaments. To the surprise of some, the Chinese team released two sets of names under the Invictus Gaming and iG.Vitality brands. Both are divisions of the same company but are made up of completely different players.

Invictus Gaming includes:
Emo (also known as HAlf)

On the other hand, iG.Vitality will feature:

Some might be surprised at this decision from Invictus, however, it is not an uncommon practice among the Chinese eSports scene. The Vitality branch of Invictus is their newcomer division, made up of good players, who have not gone fully professional yet. While these players have not yet accomplished anything of note, it is not out of the realm of possibility. What is, however, is the registering of more than one lineup for The International, as made official this year. Ultimately, Invictus will have to select one roster to compete and the other will have to look for different events.

Tainted Minds sign new players

Earlier today, we saw an announcement from Tainted Minds, an Australian professional CS:GO team. On their official Twitter account, the team posted that they will be separating with yan and bURNRUOk, who will be replaced by Sico and ap0c. Yam had played with Tainted Minds for just shy of a full year, whereas bURNRU0k’s tenure began in mid-April of 2018.

Sico has recently left ORDER and will be joining Tainted Minds. Ap0c, who has previously been part of Tainted Minds, had been playing with Chiefs eSports since April 2018. Despite, Chief eSports’ glowing track record in the previous months, Ap0c will again play with Tainted Minds.