DreamHack Open Montreal Begins 7 September

DreamHack Open Montreal 2018 starts today, with eight professional CS:GO teams competing for a piece of the $100,000 prize pool.

Tournament Format

DreamHack is one of the longest-running eSports competitions in the professional scene. The event opens its doors on 7 September 2018 and it will feature a Playoffs stage and a Group stage. The first part of the event will be conducted in the Group stage, where eight teams will be separated into two different groups – Group A and Group B. The Opening and Winners matches will be in the Best-of-one format, whereas the Elimination and Decider games will be Best-of-three. After the Group stage, the Playoffs will feature two Semi-Finals matches and one Grand Final. During this stage, all matches are Best-of-three and teams will have only one chance to advance to the Grand Final.

The prize pool is $100,000 to be split between all teams, according to their position in the brackets. The 7th-8th bracket teams will receive $2,000 each, while the 5th-6th bracket teams will win $3,000 each. The Semifinalists in the 3rd-4th bracket will take home $10,000 per team, while the second place gets $20,000. The team that comes out on top and takes first place will bring in $50,000.

Team Lineup

As mentioned above, there are eight professional teams, separated into two groups. Group A will consist of ENCE eSports, eUnited, Team Kinguin and Red Reserve. Group B includes AGO Esports, Heroic, The Imperial and Luminosity Gaming.

Originally, it was planned that teams would be decided following a qualifier stage. However, due to unforeseen circumstances and troubles with scheduling, the event was changed to invite-only. As such, the teams listed above have been invited to play at DreamHack Open Montreal.


As of this writing, only the Opening matches have been determined.

For Group A, we have the following line up:
ENCE vs eUnited
Team Kinguin vs Red Reserve

Team B will feature the following Opening matches:
The Imperial vs AGO Esports
Heroic vs Luminosity Gaming

The event will be streamed over Twitch.tv and hosted by Tres ‘stunna’ Serantus. Analysts include Dustin ‘DusT’ Mouret and Tomi ‘lurppls’ Kovanen. Four commentators will make an appearance at DreamHack Open Montreal, including Scrawny, Launders, rizc, and JustHarry.

Apart from the official Twitch broadcast, viewers will also likely have access to a number of other streams in Russian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Chinese and Bulgarian. The event will be hosted in Montreal in the Olympic Park.

About DreamHack

DreamHack is arguably the largest eSports brand of its type. Established back in 1994, it is also one of the oldest. DreamHack features a wide variety of eSports tournaments, with focus on games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Heroes of the Storm, Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros. and more.

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