H1Z1 Pro league struggles to fulfill contracts, Season 2 still not announced

The H1Z1 Pro League is a Professional Battle Royale League. The concept of the league sees 15 teams compete with each team having five players each. These are the best H1Z1 professional players in the scene and they compete every week.

The League uses FaceBook as its streaming platform. Their decision to go with Facebook definitely did not sit well with a majority of the community. This is partly due to the poor User Interface as well as various technical issues with the platform.

The Foundation of the League

The official H1Z1 Pro League website lists the foundation of the League. It pertains to certain pointers with regards to the players as well as the participating teams.


  • Bill of Rights
  • Minimum Player Compensation
  • Contract Standards
  • Players representation on the governance committee.

Teams :

  • Guaranteed Franchise team Profit Sharing
  • Guaranteed Stipend for Salary requirements
  • Set Calendars with off-seasons to rest and prepare
  • Team Representation on the governance committee.

Problems Galore for H1Z1 Pro league

The H1z1 league is in a lot of problems according to a recent report by VPesports. It is a joint venture between TwinGalaxies and the Daybreak Game Company. The players were competing on tourist visas during the inaugural weekend of the tournament.

Visa Problems

The players were competing on tourist visas during the early stage of the tournament. This was due to the very short time allowed players to apply for their visas. The League even advised the tournament organisers to acquire only US players for the time being. Twin Galaxies advised organisations not to play these players. According to VPesports, many players were paid under the table in order for them to fulfil their daily expenses. The players who were not paid struggled financially. The lack of a salary also forced some players to move back to their home countries. They returned to Los Angeles with proper visas.

Poor event attendance

The attendance at the event was definitely subpar by many standards. The organisers were unable to fill the seats. There are reports of people coming into the venue just to avail of the free drinks. The organisers were giving out drinks vouchers to entice more live viewers.

Force Majeure at DayBreak Game Company

A recent statement by  Jace Hall, Co-Chair of Twin Galaxies has informed organisations that the reason for the delay in payments is due to a Force Majeure at the Daybreak Game Company.

A Force Majeure is an unforeseeable circumstance that prevents someone from fulfilling a contract.

The League is willing to allow teams to withdraw from the tournament. This does come as a huge setback to the H1Z1 community. The decision not to disclose further details for the Force Majeure, due to an NDA keeps things under mystery for the organisations. They have no way of knowing whether there will be a second season at all.

You can read more about the VPesports report here.


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