Florida Mayhem parts ways with Six Season 1 players

The Florida Mayhem is one of the 12 teams for the inaugural season of the Overwatch league. The team’s performance in Season 1 was below expectations as they were able to win just 7 matches in the entire season. The Florida Mayhem roster consisted of the entirety of former Misfits team.

With the roster lock period for the Overwatch League fast coming to an end, we are witnessing almost all teams making changes to their roster. The second season of the Overwatch League will see eight new teams. These teams include 3 (new) teams from Asia.

Florida Mayhem parts ways with six players

Florida Mayhem will part ways with six players from Season 1. This is a big part of their roster which did not perform as well as their expectations from Season 1. The six players parting ways with the organisation will be Logix, Zebbosai, Zuppeh, Zappis, CWoosh, Manneten. This decision is going to change the identity of Florida Mayhem. Are you still following any of these, if so make sure you read our review of bc.game, the new BTC esports betting partner we’re working with.ย 

The player selections were finalized after extensive tryouts throughout the off-season. Season 1 players got to meet and greet with the Mayhem fans at their home location.ย 


I won’t be continuing my Overwatch journey with Florida Mayhem. Season 1 of OWL has been an amazing experience for me and full of fond memories and despite all the struggles and uphill battles I’m glad I got to spend it with the players and staff of Florida Mayhem. Ever since the first day of coming to LA I felt very welcoming and as a part of a big family. For that, I’m truly grateful.

As a competitive player, I’m obviously disappointed in myself and in my team for our performance during the regular season. Surely we had problems on multiple fronts and it all reflected in our season score, but me individually I have been thinking hard what I could’ve done better and what I should be doing moving forward. For all the struggles and frustrations we experienced I think we all have grown as players, staff, management and coaches and I think these experiences are what have given me the most insight from my time in Mayhem.

As for the future, I feel extremely motivated to continue playing. During the off-season, I’ve had time to reflect on my past season, what I’ve learned and what I want to do with the future. I have grown a lot as a player and I’m not done yet.. I still know what it takes to win, I still want to compete and I still want to show the world my capabilities as a player. I will take the frustrations of season one and turn them into a passion for the game, competition and self-improvement. I will be grinding hard as an individual and as a member of Team Finland for the world cup.

You can read his full Twitlonger post here.


Coming into the off-season everyone on the team knew that big changes were going to happen no matter what, We had our amazing trip to Florida where myself and most of the team took a 3 week break from a computer which was the first time in forever where I actually didn’t mind just enjoying myself outside of video games.

(Thanks to all the fans who came to all the events it was truly amazing)

Then it was time to pack it up and go home for off-season and tryouts, Everyone got their fair chance in the tryouts there was a ton of players from all regions trying out including all the S1 Mayhem boys. Obviously, I didn’t perform good enough but it was fun playing with all these people I have not played with before in a team setting.(GL to everyone playing for Mayhem in S2)

You can Manneten’s Twitlonger post here.

The upcoming deadlines

Florida Mayhem has until September 9th to finalise any player transfers. They also have to sign their players ( if any ) from their academy team, The Mayhem Academy before this deadline.

After September 9th, starts the exclusive signing window for the eight new expansion teams. This period will see the announcement of the new teams and their rosters. ย The Expansion teams have the first rights to sign free agents during this window. The Expansion team signing window will end on October 8th. The Free agents will be available for all teams to sign after this deadline.ย 

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