Breakdown of 2018 NA LCS Summer Semifinals

With the 2018 North American League of Legends Championship Series in full swing, there is much hype for the upcoming Finals, where Cloud 9 will face off against Team Liquid for first place. Following the Semifinals, Riot has released some interesting statistics regarding the nine games that took place.

We’re here to retrieve what happened in the last week of EU LCS Spring Split and preview the upcoming playoffs with wager tips that you might want to place in esports betting sites online (we recommend Bet365 and Betway esports). Now to our eSports betting knowledge in our playoff analysis.

Match Statistics

Starting off with the match stats, Riot published that the longest of the Semifinals games was between 100 Thieves and Team Liquid. More specifically, it was the second game on day 2, which lasted for 40 minutes and 42 seconds. On the other side of the spectrum, Cloud 9 and Team SoloMid had the shortest game in the Semifinals, clocking in at 23 minutes and 45 seconds, with Cloud 9 coming on top to secure their place in the Finals. Game number 3 of those two teams also saw the highest amount of Champion kills in the Semifinals, with 31 unique kills from both teams combined.

During the course of two days and nine matches, the four Semi-Finalists scored a kill count of 33 dragons. Broken down to the number of subtypes, it goes as follows:

  • 6x Mountain Dragons
  • 8x Infernal Dragons
  • 12x Ocean Dragons
  • 5x Could Dragons
  • 2x Elder Dragons

Champion Statistics

As far as the champion picks and bans, there are some quite interesting conclusions that one could draw. There are five champions with 100% presence in the game, be it a ban or a pick, and one with 88.9%. Gangplank was banned 6 times and chosen in the other 3 games, while Kindred was only able to be picked once and banned 8 times. Akali had similar statistics to Kindred, banned 7 times and only picked twice. Olaf was by the far the most feared Champion, being banned all 9 times. Sejuani and Braum fared better than the previous mentions, being picked 5 times, with Sejuani receiving 4 bans to Brom’s 3.

From those Champions Gangplank saw a 100% win rate in all 3 games where he was played. Varus is the only other Champion to also score a perfect win rate, being chosen 3 times. Malzahar and Shen were picked four times, winning 3 times and losing 1 time. Gragas and Jhin, on the other hand, have a win rate of 66.7%, featuring a 2-1 win/loss ratio.

Player Statistics

In terms of how individual players performed, the statistics are not too surprising. The players with the highest Kill-Death-Assist ratio all belong to Team Liquid, with Doublelift at 12.7, followed by Impact and Xmithie at 8.5 and 7.6, respectively.

However, the glory of having the highest kill-count is split between Could 9’s Sneaky and Team SoloMid’s Zven, both scoring 18 kills. They are closely followed by Bjergsen from TSM with 17 kills.

The player with the highest number of deaths is undoubtedly Aphromoo from 100 Thieves with 14 deaths, while TSM’s Bjergsen and C9’s Licorice are tied at 12 deaths.

The highest average vision score belongs to Team Liquid’s Olleh at 91.0, with Aphromoo from 100 Thieves in second place at 82.3. On third place, we find Mithy from TSM with 73.8.

Kill participation also saw some very impressive numbers, especially from 100 Thieves’ Anda who took part in 92% of all kill. Close behind him are C9’s Jensen and TL’s Doublelift, with 84.8% and 84.4% respectively.

Finally, the player with the most number of assists is Cloud 9’s Zeyzal with 38 assists. Behind him is TSM’s Brig with 36, followed by Tl’s Olleh with 35.

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