Accidental leak suggests that OpTic’s DOTA2 team is disbanding

An accidental leak on stream may indicate that OpTic is disbanding its current Dota 2 roster. The information is taken from a chat window that player CC&C revealed on stream by accident.

OpTic disband possible?

Yesterday, while on stream, Quinn ‘CC&C’ Callahan accidentally may have revealed the disbanding of team OpTic. During the broadcast, CC&C opened a Steam chat window in which he told fellow Dota 2 streamer BananaSlamJam (BSJ) that the current team of OpTic will be disbanded. No follow up is provided, giving reasons why, but CC&C does mention that he will team up with four other players. More specifically, US players Ritsu and FrancisLee, as well as, Brazilian players 4dr and Liposa. It is unknown whether this team will form under the banner of SG e-sports, where three of the mentioned four are members, or that they will form a new one.

This does not come as a shock to some, considering the less than stellar results that OpTic has had in 2017 and 2018. In 2017, OpTic did not manage to score any significant wins, with their highest achievement amounting to second place in the ROG MASTERS 2017 Major. Throughout 2018, the team has only won a single worthwhile tournament at Starladder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5 against VGJ.Thunder and coming out in second place at the ESL One Birmingham 2018, losing to Apart from those two accomplishments, OpTic has taken part in five more tournaments but failed to bring in major accomplishments. In August of 2018, OpTic participated in The International 2018 landing in the 7 – 8th brackets, being taken out again by

OpTic Dota 2

OpTic’s Dota 2 lineup as we know it today, was established on 26 September 2017 with very little changes. In November of 2017, MiSeRy left the team and was replaced with Saksa for the remainder of the year. On 21 December, 33 (real name Neta Shapira) joined OpTic and the roster has remained the same ever since.

It is so far, unknown what the future of OpTic will be and if there will be another roster coming up to pick up the torch. However, we will keep you posted about any new information or official developments.

DISCLAIMER: Please note; this information has not been officially confirmed or denied. It is partially based on speculation and it can be disproven at any time. Until an official statement is made, take it with a grain of salt.