Pride revealed their new CSGO lineup

Pride has revealed their new CSGO lineup, for the next three months. Pride’s new lineup will play in the ESL Polish Championship and hope to become competitive very soon.

Their roster is :

Bulgaria Nikola “NK4Y” Radushev
Poland Michał “crank” Krystyniak
Bulgaria Ivan “Rock1nG” Stratiev
Poland Kuba “Markoś” Markowski
Poland Michał “michi” Majkowski

Poland Vincent “VinS” Jozefiak (coach)
Poland Maciek “Luz” Bugaj (substitute)

We knew who PRIDE are. We played them many times. Now I can represent this organization with my new teammates. We have a lot of motivation, we want to show good CS. We are very happy to join this organization. Our first games in the ESL Polish Championships will be hard (against Team Kinguin and AGO), but we know that we are able to win. Thank you for the trust, PRIDE. To the battle!”

-Ivan “Rock1nG” Stratiev


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