Misty’s Observer Pack v3

Misty’s Observer Pack v3

For anyone interested in observing, Misty’s Observer Pack is a must have.

**Here you can find versions 1 and 2**

Run Down

For this release I have included the support for HLAE! So there are some beautiful and complex shots included, all spanning from 5 to 17 seconds long. They have been used, tested and adjusted accordingly with live results over on the MDL streams. I do feel like I need to say this Observer Pack is a bit more complex than previous releases, but once tried and tested you should be able to get the hang of things pretty quickly so practising with these is a must. I have also included a streamdeck config in the download that maps out and is scripted across the multiple levels of configs. It is possible to use this config without the streamdeck but remembering what is what and where is where will be very difficult. Personally I spread this out across two streamdecks so I can get timings and certain beats to align within the game to better put across the story telling.


Ok so onto the fun stuff, you will need HLAE for any of the Campaths to work. There are also included static shots which do not require HLAE. You should probably download the pack, that might help. I’m not going to include Simple Radar this time so if you want to use that you can download that from here.


I have included some steps inside the download but you can also follow along here.


  • Open up the “Place in cfg folder” place everything in that folder into “\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg


  • Open up the “HLAE” folder and then proceed to place the entire “cam” folder in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive” or wherever your root CSGO folder is.

Make sure you do not extract this folder into the directory, it should read “Counter-Strike Global Offensive\cam”.

StreamDeck *Reccomended*

  • Open the streamdeck folder and (if you already have a streamdeck and its software installed) double click the file to create a new profile on your streamdeck.

HLAE Campaths have a habit of firing on their own (if the tick they happen to be recorded on goes by they will automatically play) so to fix this I have added an “On/Off” buttons as well as a “Start” button to actually start the animation.

Using the pack

Make sure you launch CS:GO from HLAE and that it launches in “-insecure” mode. HLAE is technically a hack.

To use the pack, after installing everything you should proceed to open the console (make sure its enabled in game) and type “exec observer” this will load up the observer config that I have made for what I personally think should be a standard to good viewing experience.

Note this will reset a lot of in game setting to different values and works best in 1920 by 1080 for scaling

Once you know what map you’re going to be watching you can then proceed to type “exec <map name>“. Note there is currently no Dust 2 config, don’t worry this will be released soon just working out the final timings.

Note this will reset a lot of in game setting to different values and using HLAE does not work on standard Match Making GOTVs. Please see specific event organisers for their GOTV specifications, these will work on ESEA GOTVs.

Using the pack without a Streamdeck

This is not recommended due to the complexity of the pack but I will include a general guide below for what keyboard buttons you should press.

Cam Paths

  • CT – Numpad 4
  • T – Numpad 6
  • Mid 1 – Numpad 8
  • Mid 2 – Numpad 2
  • A Site 1 – Numpad 7
  • A Site 2 – Numpad 1
  • B Site 1 – Numpad 9
  • B Site 2 – Numpad 3

Static Shots (Alter from map to map)

V – B – N – M – J – K

On/Off – Start

Start – T

On – O

Off – I


  • Make sure you’ve enabled the campaths and executed the correct configs otherwise you’ll either get a really weird view or none at all.

  • Before you go to do a campath double tap “spacebar” to go 3rd person then fire the path (do this all quickly it will get rid of the floating hands animation)

  • If you get stuck on a campath and end up missing the action press the off button “I” and then press spacebar a few times to get you back on a player.

  • Be careful switching to a config mid game as the sever information might still be in the console along with other information.

  • If you can run the Cinematics on a second PC and then capture that into your main PC (that does production and presumably the main game feed) do it. It will make everything look a lot smoother and cleaner. Also allows you to disable the HUD and make everything look crisp.

With pack v4 I’ll be looking more in depth on multi pc setups, multiple ways to create a multiple pc setup, the use of Lerps, HLAE and Static shots all together, and maybe something else 😉

For now, GL & HF and enjoy making awesome content around the broadcasting space within Counter Strike <3