Jacob releases statement on Insolence’s removal from Team Rogue

Jacob from Team Rogue has released a statement on his former teammates’ removal from the team. The player who is a professional Rocket League player for Team Rogue mentions lack of respect, dedication, and commitment from the player. This was obviously creating a bad environment within the team and was unfair to the remainder of the players.

I think that it’s important to give a little backstory as to why Insolences actions upset me so much throughout the season and what ultimately led to him being removed from the roster, so I think it’s best I start this story with the roster shuffle between season 4 and 5. This was probably the biggest choice of my career and it was between me joining Evil Geniuses or Rogue, and at the time I had attended Dreamhack Leipzig with CorruptedG and Chrome and we achieved an 8th place finish (A respectable finish for our nearly last-minute team). My decision to join Rogue came from scrim results in NA more than our results at DH. When I say that, I mean that we had favorable scrim records over nearly every team and were definite top 4 contenders. Aside from Insolences sketchy past with Klassux (https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/69n7wt/klassux_just_tweeted_this/) and that one time he literally AFK’d while he was losing in a monthly tournament (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ATPKtC_OSs) this move for me was a no-brainer!

Now we move on to when the season started, and it started a little weird. The week of our first league play game, we had a commitment through Rogue to go the Luxor in Vegas for the grand opening of the Esports Arena. The three of us had a rough time with the timing and just wanted to be home practicing for League play and we underperformed accordingly. We make it home from the event and despite being swept at Vegas, we end up going 2-0 the first week of league play and we were more confident than ever. Maybe Insolences was too confident. After this week his entire mindset was different. He was knowingly avoiding set scrims and talking to us as little as possible. This was most evident during the third week of League Play. We were lining up against NRG and C9 the upcoming week. If I recall Correctly, we canceled every scrim that week because Insolences did not show up. During RLCS League Play, Rocket League Pro players often have 70+ hours in the past two weeks (and many go up to 100). His dropped as low as 15 throughout this.

Despite his lack of play, my biggest problem with him was his lack of respect for the team. When his problem to show up for scrims arose, we did not ignore the situation. We respected him, we asked him what would be a better time for him to scrim, and we adjusted so that we could play together as a team. For us, this meant changing our scrim times, which at the latest was starting at 10EST and ending at 11EST. Keep in mind that Insole does not live on the east coast but in Arizona, so at the time he was three hours behind me. The latest we were willing to start scrimming was 8EST, with him coming home from school around 3EST. This gave us about a 2-hour window that we could play rocket league with our team. Hell yea!

We managed to get him to scrim again with us, but he was still dodging scrims despite our best efforts to change our day to day schedules to accommodate his. This is when I’ve finally had enough and tweeted about it (https://twitter.com/RL_Jacob/status/984223950002679808). I apologize for such an ominous tweet but when you have one person who you must rely on to continue your dream career, during a season that I felt we could contend for a top spot in NA if he would only play with us. It gets to you and I needed to voice it. I really do apologize that I could not give more context at the time, but ousting him on Twitter at the time would have been more drama then it was worth.

This brings me to when there were Reddit posts from us queueing ranked with Red. That week we were scrimming with him instead of Insole. We could no longer trust insolences to play rocket league, to scrim, really to do anything for our team. Without going into detail, we let Inole know that we are scrimming with red and are looking to use him in the next week of league play and that if he does not improve his attitude between us and between the game that we would drop him from the roster mid-season (the last week of league play). This scared him into telling me that he would have 100 hours in the past 2 weeks by the time league play comes around. I think he had 30. It was a mistake to use him that week in league play and in the playoffs.

This turned into a bit of a rant and it honestly feels good to get it off my chest. Insolences was a terrible teammate, made practice impossible, and was not worth keeping on the team. I hope you guys can see why this was such an easy decision for me.

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