Dota 2 caster Xyclopz issues apology for leaking details of Artifact and breaking his NDA

Dota 2 caster Cyclops has issued a public apology for his role in breaking the Non-Disclosure Agreement with Valve. He leaked images of Artifact in the public domain. Subsequently, his Beta license for the game was revoked and he does not have access to Artifact beta now.

Hello there

It’s Xyclopz here.

After 48 hours of sadness, finally I manage to pick myself up and speak.

First of all, I would like to apologize everybody involved in this, Valve and artifact people, people who’s waiting for this wonderful game and also my supporters that I have let you all down.

It was pure foolishness that I’ve never done it before in my career. It was an ego that covered my eyes and I just wanna feel like .. being someone special getting to play and brag it out.

After the fog of idiocy had fade away, All that left, was the consequences of my action.

My heart melted down and I am gladly accept the punishment which is the revocation of my presence in beta.

This statement was made to ask you guys for forgiveness and it was also made to free my soul. I was locked down with my own guilt in the past two days but my life still have to move on.

At first, I planned to walk away from the internet silently but I realized that I have to stay with this feelings for years so I decided to step up and face the truth.

Guys I’m really sorry that I have made you feel bad in any possible way. It was me to blamed. All about me.

Please look at it as a lesson. Before you’re going to post anything online, please .. think about this case. I’ve learned this lesson in the hardest way possible.

I hope my smile will be back soon so I can make you guys smile again.

Thank you for your time.

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