Espiranto releases statement about his departure from Team Imperial

Espiranto was recently removed from Team Imperial. Part of the reason was his inability to play and communicate with Krystal on the team. He has now released a full statement regarding his ouster from the team.

I’m benching myself in Imperial.


1. The team chemistry and spirit died when we replaced AcilioN with Krystal
2. Didn’t want to play with Krystal before and after I tried, but I got forced to. And i was forced to change myself as a player because of his calls. It affected my impact as a player a lot.
3. Krystal might not be bad IGL but he certainly doesn’t fit the team.
4. Our results online versus tier4+ teams (ESEA , EU Minor qualifiers) and Dreamhack Tours

And you probably all thinking but you just won Dreamhack Summer and got MVP what is wrong? This can be explained easily since before lan I was really tilted and wanted to leave already and told to my coach that i’m gonna play my game and I don’t care what krystal is gonna say about it. And we went sucessful throught the event. After we came back same stuff, we go play online matches, he overthinks we lose or almost lose to unknown teams because he treats them with too much respect.

AND NO I WASN’T PERFECT PLAYER that’s 100%. And want to say sorry for everything i have done.And i had really good time with the team and want to say thank you for everything they have done for me. But i think I need to move forward and I hope this is gonna be best for them and for me.

Thank you

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