Rick Fox to host International Olympic Committee esports forum

Rick Fox has been one of the most well-known proponents of esports in the mainstream media. The former player also owns a stake in Echo Fox, aptly named after him. Esports is taking center stage as the Olympics tries to move with the times. Rick Fox will host the International Olympic Committee esports forum.

Quoting from Unikrn;

Below is a list of panels being featured at the event:

  • Panel: The World of Esports: Leading esports and gaming industry executives will share their thoughts on where the industry is now, what the current priorities are, and what they would like to see in terms of collaboration opportunities with the Olympic Movement.
  • Interview: What defintes the Olympic Movement: An interview by an esports player with an IOC representative to shed light on the various factors and events that have shaped the Olympic Movement as we know it today, and to provide insight on where it is headed.
  • Interview: The Key To Twitch’s Success
  • Keynote Speaker: Spotlight On Intel Extreme Masters Pyeongchang
  • Future Opportunities For Collaboration
  • Interview: A Day In The Life Of An Elite Player
  • Panel: Gender Equality In All Sports

Roundtable Discussions:

    • Sports Organizations – Governance, Structures and Best Practices: Covering “good governance”, the structural similarities and differences between esports organizations and traditional sports federations, and challenges in both industries.
    • Media/broadcasting: Exploring new technologies and consumer preferences that are shaping the way sports/esports/gaming content is consumed, different models to create revenue, targeting the youth demographic, and methods to broaden fan bases.
    • The Athlete Perspective: Featuring traditional sports athletes, Olympians and esports players. Covering what defines an athlete, challenges faced by each “type” of athlete, health and wellness, opportunities post-retirement, and how Olympians and esports players engage with fans.
    • The Investor Perspective: Exploring investment in esports and gaming, the attraction for traditional sport to become involved in esports, learnings from each industry, and how esports and traditional sports can work together for mutual benefits