Sunny bids farewell to Styko

Recently Styko was removed from the Mousesports active roster to make way for Snax on the team. Sunny and Styko joined Mousesports at around the same time and helped propel Mousesports into the upper echelons of Counter-Strike. Despite not being the best team in CSGO, Mousesports has always been a strong contender at many of these tournaments.

TLDR: we made mouz great again but reached our ceiling and wanted more

So yeah, almost 11months ago me and styko both signed with mouz. We made mouz great together and these last 10 months were for sure the best months in terms of succes in all of our careers.
We as a team had good chemistry and there’s no bad blood between anyone. We just felt as a team that we needed something fresh and his role was at this time easiest to fill without building completely new style. It’s unfortunate but I am sure Martin will find great place to grow even more and find success in hes future. Styko as a player is really easy to play with and always ready to sacrifice his benefit for the greater good. He’s also great guy and teammate which probably wasn’t surprise to anyone.

Thank you Martin and see you around <3

1.ESG Tour Mykonos 2017
1.StarSeries i-League S4 2018
1.V4 Future Sports Festival 2018
2.DH open Winter 2017
2.ECS Season 4 Finals
2. ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018
3-4.Dh open Denver 2017
3-4.IEM sydney 2018
3-4. StarSeries i-League S5 2018

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