Thunder Gaming denies any wrongdoing on part of their playerrs

ThunderGaming, the team which recently was disqualified from The TI8 qualifiers has come out with a public statement saying that their player has not done anything wrong. They lay the blame on the Mouse that was used instead of acknowledging their mistake and subsequent chaos that followed.

Good Morning.
The games of yesterday, without a doubt, have been the most intense we have had throughout the course of this tournament, despite all the difficulties that have been presented to us during all this time during these qualifiers, we have managed to be in the final for the quota to an event as expected as “The International 2018”. However, despite all the effort and dedication that one puts to this competition in order to reach its goal, people of an offensive and malicious character appear to harm, not only one player, but the entire team itself. , including the organization, pointing out and / or affirming in a defamatory way, facts that have nothing to do with the profile of this organization or that of each of the players. That is why through this announcement, we denounce this accusation, affirming that at no time, our player “Tuna” use any type of hack or particular program that facilitated his game mode before the match, yesterday, with the SG team. The organization goes hand in hand with the norms of VALVE and has been doing it since its inception until today.
Now, remembering what happened yesterday, we will explain some things about what happened. The player of our squadron “Tuna” has a Razer Synapse mouse, which, like any professional player, has put its own manual configuration to be able to have a better use of Hardware for the benefit of its efficient performance highlighting the fact that it is not has used any type of hack.
As an organization, it is our responsibility to know all the rules and parameters of the game. That is why we are very aware of every event that occurs and we hope that these attacks and that bad desire on the part of third parties, who do not even want to see us fight to achieve our goals, come to an end. On the other hand, we are very happy for everything that has been achieved to this day and very grateful to the entire community that has been supporting us strongly. Every message they send us, every comment they give, every reaction they show regarding the great advance the team has made, is seen by all of us and we take it very seriously. Thank you very much everyone for that nice and warm breath that you give us, it encourages us a lot to continue giving all of us; not just the players,
A strong hug to each one. Greetings. The management.

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