Dendi releases a public statement

The Na’Vi Dota 2 roster has been put on as inactive for the time being. The will be inactive until August of this year. In lieu of this, their star player Dendi has released a statement about their performance and people’s expectations of them.

To Friends, fans and haters…

Greetings. I want to write this text about hate and all other for a big amount of time. My hands did it, because i feel, that it must happen now to avoid a lot of stupidity, that people write among all years.

I didnt do this because i know, that people are ready to listen people that are on the mountain. And we are under it. And i was waiting for the moment we will play gut. 🙂 There are were some glimpses… but i cant wait for it, so i will take my speech under the mountain_^

I have a great example from 2010y (about people that ready to listen people that are on the mountain), then i was playing in DTS and i was to do something for dota community (no media at this moment, and everything was done by charity and for sure to my view) 2009-2010y are time then i changed my role from sup to solo mid. I was inspired by player “YaphetS”. And im his fan at the moment(i have his mouse mat) He was insanely cool player on Nevermore aka ShadowFiend, After the WDC2010 tournament i analised pair of my games, prepared a little and decided to make a guide “How to solo mid SF”. I wanted to share with dota community about dota, how it deep, interesting and insanely hard game. How much any mindgames happens here, and just wanted to share my minds and my love to all of players. After i made the video, i went to read some comments on forums. I was interested, is it good? and make something like this? Making more videos! We were under the mountain at this moment:) Reaction, i supposed to see, was cordinally opposite, i was upset. A lot of people wrote insults and phrases like “this guide were more good if it was clipped by YaphetS or (insert any nickname)” It was on forums like gosugamers or any else(gosugamers was one of main dota forums) Time Passed. A long time Passed 🙂 I think there are the NaVi and dota 2 appeared and we won TI. Than my (old) video became very popular. I saw, it was retranslated to chinese and in china it became very popular and a lot of strong players commended it. And then popularity came to CIS 🙂 People commend it and praise it. Then i realised that people suggested to listen to people on the mountain. and they dont care if somebody talks good and right things. Quite a little history Easter Egg. I dont want waste your time, but something like this will come(and i want to write it shortly)

I cant understand, how u can hate or dont love somebody, if he didnt do anything bad to u? Or someone you dont ever now? Im always stay this question open to me. Wonder, that you are hater! or man, who hates me.

I have a question to u momentally, “what i did to u?” You dont know me. I dont know you. Im playing dota and live my own life:) You re the same…

I understood that you cant be in good relationship to everybody. Everytime there are people, that wont love you, envy on you. Because of it, you need to be right and honest with yourself. Im not ideal, and did some mistakes and will make, like any person:) but im always trying to be good person!

Hate NaVi and hype on every negative situation on this organisation is trend:)! you can deny it. It became trend since 2014y and continues evolving. Why? Its a hard question. For me, its an envy by 1st order. People envy to success to other people and everybody can be angry on person, who will get an attention and acceptance, for them, its unfairly!

this is trend very popular in teens group, because teens want to go opposite to system, and NAVI in their eyes is the system, The teens theme is going to take a topic. Im very sad to watch fans of “EvilArthas”, “Karina” and somebody like them. But i wont about it.This is CIS community! and it is can not be changed. But we have something to change to better side. If leaders of opinion (analysts, casters) didnt support this behavior, didnt ride on this hype train and increase their media on that.

I saw a lot of absurd things, that are reasons of people “hate” me. And now i want to explain a little part of that.

I can see messages of “Dendi is greedy”, “dendi have a big% from sponsor deals with organisation”, “Dendi have a huge wages”, “Dendi in NAVI only for MONEY!!!”. Theyre calling me greedy and cattle that only sit on wages and getting in it on my last breath.

I cant do anything to stop this behavior. But i will, one time! Last time!

Money havent got the material value to me. This is materia, i can very good to reject. Im not so exacting and i neednt it. I think because of my upbringing, or because im person like this:) Im lucky having parents like this(thanks to my Mother and Father)

I dont need expensive cars, houses, expensive brand things (like many people in my company). Maybe i didnt rich the age (im 28) or im person that neednt it. I have enough pc with net, mattress, healthy food and my family around. I like to watch beauty of the nature and architecture, not material goods.

I grew up not in rich family. Family was big and we need to save funds.(we live with 2 grandmas, father, mother, brother, and sister). I remember my mom want to find a place where to buy eggs by 18 kopeikas instead of 19 to save funds. But my parents send me to additional lessons of english, music, acrobatics, dances. We shared 1 banana(one time in who-knows-how-many-days) by 2 with my sisters and cut it by 50 parts and every of it was very delicious like a candy! I think, there are a lot of people that lived like that:) im writing it to say that i dont need much material values.

Then i started to get wages in WG(my 1st pro team) in 2006? or 2007? i dont remember. It was 1000 grn (37.75$ on the moment)(but i received only 3-4 of them, but we played a lot more) it was very insane to me:) Then i realised that for me, money isnt something special and the main thing to me, do what i like! Then wage grew up. In DTS it was something like 100->150->200 dollars. when we get to NaVi it became 150-200 dollars(not remember exactly), like in 2007 or now i never played for MONEY! Im always making things that makes me happy and i was extremely happy by this:)

I passed a lot of lessons in college and give myself fully to thing i love(there arent any big PRISE or WAGE money)It was like ALL-IN that turned into THE INTERNATIONAL. Maybe I was lucky? Or maybe, if you give yourself fully to your favourite things and will try to receive maximum in them, money will come to you by themself.

I want to bust a another myth. I dont receive and didnt received any % from sponsor’s deal’s with organisation. My wage in 2015-2016(season) were lower than guys from VP had(we were better then now) Guys from EG or SECRET received, maybe, 2 times bigger. And if I left NAVI, maybe, I got a wage bigger.

I never require from organisation increasing of my wage. The main thing to me, that im fully trust NaVi. I saw, tgat they wanted and want to grow, the staff is growing, inscreased conditions of team preparing and etc. I was and is a part of NaVi and always wanted, that my home organistaion, in which invested so much years and emotions, is growing.

My last word about wage – if i was greedy to money and wanted to receive much more,then i left NaVi. Maybe from end of 2014 or 2015y. Maybe created something by myself. I will get into media and a lot of more. and stream will be very profitable(if fully become a streamer) But I want to do things, that i like. I want to do something, that makes me happy:)

A lot of guys played with me in team. A lot of them were interested in money. Somebody thinking to money be the main goal, but Im thinking, that money is a result of work and diligence. I dont see something bad in this. I think, that their deal.

By all time from my expensive purchases, i bought a laptop(for streaming in travels, but didnt realised this idea:)) Upgrade my PC to increase quality of the stream(but nobody cares of it, but i wanted to picture for viewer was more good) and bought gopro camera with clipping something for people. And yes, Im switched my iphone from 5 to 10!!!

Very often I see opinion about Im playing in NaVi only about my media and theyre(NaVi) holds me only for popularity(greetings leader of opinions)

I didnt made any step in this directory. But ive got a lot of possibilities. I could realise socail network, post a lot of messages(including ads), clip a lot of video, participate in TV shows(net or tv), clip some blogs and etc etc etc. I did some blogs on TI in 2015 and the next time i did it was on WDC in 2016 or 17 (The Diary of Nerd). but not big amount of time, and a lot of trenings with hate made me dont do this.(like with How to solo mid SF video)

Thats all with my initiative in media! And if i really was in it, i will post stories in insta like Lil or opened a SCHOOL OF CYBERSPORT like Zeus or clipped WANT TO KNOW like NS but THERE ARE NOTHING OF IT. And i dont want to say that all bad, maybe it will happen in future:) but now i dont have enough time and strentgh. and I want to receieve result in 1st order.

I have a impression, that people writing me about my media want themselfs to increase their popularity. Im just living and do that i like:) and if somebody asks organisation to give interview or clip a video – i do it.

I was some stories that im the grey eminence of NAVI. That im so bad that controlling over the organisation and fuly correct it by myself. Kicking players. like ultimate EVIL!!!

But it isnt. Of all NaVi lifetime in 80%!!! of situations I was instead of all changes. Starting for Serega “sm1le” and Dima “L0st”, endind with Nikola “LeBron”.

Sasha “ZeroGravity” once sayed, that im very conservative. Maybe its true, but indeed im binding to people. Maybe this is my big minus. To go through heads not for me, im thinking about others often than about myself. From all time i played in NaVi i have mindset, that every situation can be solved (or need to try) And if situation is unsolved – we need to change something. Im always was to give more chances to player to solve this or another problem.

I think the weakest side of our CIS community, that when trouble appears, teams choose the easiest way – RESHUFFLE. Im always thought that are WEAKNESS!

So, not always i was on NaVi side about changins people. But making good decisions is very hard, and i knew it, and know, that NaVi always trying to choose the best option for all.

I saw something, that im good only on public, but in team im super toxic and angry. My teammates see it better:) But i want to believe, that nobody from players who played with me(who reads this) wont write something bad of me, because nobody sayed somthing like that to me personally. Not with everybody we can make friends, but im always tried to go on contact and be good teammate for my team. Tried to help, support, be friend.

About smiliness and goodiness. a lot of people dont like me of my “grimaces”. Sorry friends, this is my fault.

Im very happy person. And i love to see to people be happy. Yes, all people are different, but there is some, that likes it:)

Im not always funny. And often i can see. that im duplicitous and funny only on camera, and behind it im true EVIL! I, like other people, can be evil, sad, happy, funny etc! But on camera im trying to make people happy, give them positive emotions. Is there any meaning to share with people negativity or sandess? Yes, not always I can do it, but im the person, like all of you.

There are a lot of haters among people that i saw in public and rude them. Sorry bros. Dota can get me on emotions and this is very hard to control. Im sure all of you was in rage and write and talk rudes, that u were regret.

When i started to play on fake – im fully rewatched my behavior in MM. i saw a lot of duplicitous players that said me something, and then im on fake(they dont know it) they say very different things.

On my 28, its very hard to control emotions in game, im realise how hard it to 15yo:) You need to work on yourself and be more good to another

Often can see something “Give The Way To Young!!!” i dont understand it:) how can i block the way to “YOUNG”. if player is strong(on every position) and young!!! he unconditionally will get to top CIS team (Vega, Spitit, Empire, NaVi) And i cant prevent it.

But, jesus, in this im bad guy too!!! blocking the way to young on scene since 2014y. And people who serious thinks of it a lot. Somebody somewhere listen this on translation and starting to spam, and others pick up this.

We can smoothly get to age theme… but how many people – so many views.! Cybersport is quiet young and there are no very old players. Why no? Because in past you cant to provide famili or get yourself a good future.

Time is moving, number of old players is growing, because cybersport attract big money. To me – age isnt a reason. Main is players health, his mindset. trouble of age commonly consist in change of interests and appearing of new troubles(familty, children etc) there are some people, who gets tired slowly, and they trying to get on boat only because its profit. But it cant get them very high and wont get them to wins.

I think, a lot of people who played dota earlier, wanted to play and now. But if they played dota because they just liked it, played because its get them happiness and for wins(because it wont profit that time) but now, you need to get yourself titanic workout to reach top lvl ansd spend more time! thats reason of changing interests of people who cant play on top lvl. But can throw in masses phrases like “WAY TO YOUNG!” because dont play by themselfs. For me its ENVY. Maybe im dont right and this isnt.

I will say truly, Im spend 3x more time then earlier on dota. In 2012-2013 we could not training and win everybody.Now we spend 40 days together on tournaments . Practically play in team and solo everyday. If we at home, we still play. And no!I’m not complaining:) Opposite to it! Im receiving a lot of pleasure. And i dont see any troubles about age, except LAZY and POOR EXCUSES to themselfs. Every of us chooses himself his priorities. If u place Dota on 1st place, and then else(walking, drinking, relaxing,traveling) then i dont see any age troubles. buy how many people – so many views.

About changing pos. Im playing dota because i LOVE this game and receieve a lot of pleasure from DOTA. Not for money, for honor or something else. And i will play on pro lvl till i will love this game and receive pleasure. I dont thinking that somebody has to rule about my pos or when i need to leave dota. Im playing on 2nd pos in middle, because i like this! and i will play more:) if not in NaVi, then somewhere else.

You cant to affect this. You can have our opinion and believe, that will be good for me or my team, byt im playing on pos that i want to play. Because im playing dota to receieve pleasure of it and if i wont receive it, maybe ill stop my progaming carier.

Example. I like to play football, but dont want to play on gates. I wont play football if i need to play on gates(with all my respect to gatekeepers) We all live once. And i want do that i like (if i have possibility)

About leadership, coordinator, draft. Everybody sees it differently. I will try to explain it

For me, leader(captain) – person, who uses his authority from others. Who will lead team to win and can in some serious situations support team and be prop to your guys.

To be captain you need to have some qualities. Somebody have its from birth. Somebody need to develop them. Example, im quiet gentle and i cant go through heads. I dont love to dispute and i can to get a compromise, not defend my opinion(but i can conflict)

I think im good teammate. I think, that i can get in every team and get a picture of man, who draft(how he sees it)

coordinator,drafter,captain – different functions. And this functions in different teams, different people. Sometime 1 person making all of this functions, sometime every making his work, sometime functions splitted on few person. Every team has own opinion that to do. There is no ideal script of equation! Thats very funny to see that people think that their option is best. And force their opinion into mass.

I played with Ivan ArtStyle, Clement Puppey, Akbar Sonneiko, Pajkatt, Abdrew PSM, Artyom FNG. Theyre all were good by themself and absolutely different.

When i played in DTS with NS, Dread, Lost, Ivan… we couldnt do something! We lost a lot abd we havent leader or captain, Then we gathered and i offer them to vote who will be our captain and on who we will believe and try to do all of his ideas how he sees it. 2 for Losts. 3 for Ivan. So Ivan became “cap” of legendary team DTS:) from that time we become to believe in all Ivan’s ideas and follow him. Ivan offers to play Dota like RPG.

and i was playing on mirana taking items for DPS(+3 agi +6 +10) and i dont have permission to take something not for DPS:), and somebody played DUZZLE and take items only ON HEAL, somebody played tank. and you may not believe… we win!!! we gathered by 4 and went on 1 lane giving 1 lane to free farm… and win. and nobody not trying to argue with this idea. and everybody follow this idea and believe in it. so a lot of tactics generated and so Ivan open herself as cool drafter and captain(he was cool player, and everybody know it)

Every of this captains were different. Bit this little story saying that to captain works, besides leader qualities, in this person his teammates must believe and support. One not work without other. People with big ego and for confident people this is hard. And if true this is suprisingly that DTS was playing like this. All players were good by theirs skills.

Coordination ingame made by different people. This is different ideas and ways, that selected by team. What to do in that or another moment? such decisions made by absolutely all players. There are small decisions (where to go to attack somebody) or big (gather for rosh or tower push) and one by another.

First 10 minutes is much easier to coordinate by sups because theyre processor(inhead) dont need to calculate such microtasks. They travel among the map more and have time to think that to do them or their teammates, Then options can be made by any player of any role.And there is the very strong skill gets to play “BELEIVING”.For me in dota this is the most important thing for player(if not the main). Without it you cant reach your goals. If you not believing that your teammate will crush enemy on line – he will lose.If you not believeing that you will win teamfight with your teammates – you will lose. And etc. And this is really hard

This works opposite too.You can achieve trust by authority or wins, or something more… or u can just BELIEVE!… and this is quiet hard:) you need to do it or learn how to do it. Our EGO or AGGORANCE a lot of time prevent us in that. We think. that we know something better and do something better then others

So. There are some teams in which every player coordinate. In anothers somebody more, somebody not. Somewhere 5pos more, 1pos, somewhere 3rd. Some moments calls gave by people, who see, that will be better for team. Some calls canceled by captain, some supported. The game goes on like this. Example, in VP (i hear it) Ramzes makes a lot of coordination tasks. Somewhere maybe some Mindcontrol makes a lot of calls,somewhere Ghostik. Somewhere Kuro, somewhere Puppey. But this is absolutely doesnt matter.

Win is the goal 🙂 methods you achieve it – your deal.

Every player can coordinate the game, but last word in controversial decisions commonly on leader(this is how,commonly, it happens, but maybe there are teams on top lvl that play without him or with a few of leaders.

Drafter is different role in the game too. In ideal, of course, that who will coordinate more the others and globally and drafter was the same person. But it isnt neccessary. Why the same? Because Drafter his own vision then draft, and task of the team to paint it in the game:) But it can be made by different persons

The main to believe in idea, try to realise it and be ready to games together! there is all of that i described upper. Its hard to do, then opinions is different. When in team everybody want to be Miracle.

Example, in some team trainers draft(a lot of teams from China? Mineski? I dont remember) In some sups 5pos. In some carry(Ramzes)

And different roles coordinating btw

By last 2 months i was trying to take a drafter role by myself. Trying to becom a captain of the team. Trying to coordinate more the usual (not so good, i need to learn)

In draft im not so bad improved and now knew a lot of for myself(but still is pretty weak). I didnt became a captain fully, because, how i described upper, it isnt bases only on my wishes:) I dont have so much leader qualities, but im trying to improve it my maximum. And this was hard for me

Maybe in another conditions i could achieve success. But i knew, that im better on role of a typical player and good teammate

From all of captains, which i played with, more likely was Ivan. He was able to mitigate the situation by joke:) Our views commonly was the same. I think he is one of my favourites teammates of all time i play dota

But all of caps,which i played with, have great qualities. A lot of players complemented their caps. Example, Dima Lost and NS in DTS time. Or Lost and Kuro in Navi time

Captain, draft or coordination in team which i played – rarely this roles were taken by 1 person. Every person could affect on drafts. Somebody could appear with idea ingame or help cap in hard minute

So, im told you for this, You – viewers, analysts,casters, arent players’ backs. You cant know how and what happens in teams. You cant know who drafts for sure (even if somebody press the button). You cant know who chooses this or another options in game. And who cap is the cap, and who is hidden captain.

No meaning to make some conclusion that base on fiction facts in your heads. Thats like im will start to speech about politics. I dont have any concepts who is good, who is bad. I dont know where is true, where is lie. So thats why i miss this question. All people do the same:)

So, I ask you dont make conclusions. Often we take side or another base on some opinion. Sometime this people dont have any relation to this questions(dont stand back our backs and dont know what exactly going on)

We all love drama. Do you remember Clement and Envy? or Kuro and Arteezy? you cant make conclusion based on one side or on opinion of wrong people

So like this – common viewer cant score the skill of player or another, but this is different topic… Maybe ill write more about it.

Opinion of community very strong acts on pro scene and on organisations. For examples neednt to go far. Like our casters and analysts saying dirty about Ana from OG? or Notail? and this was caught by masses(there were some situations opposite to it)

This is fun, when team wins MAJOR, but its player saying rudes from all of community. Im very sad about it. The main, that goes to team and 100% affects it.

Yes,yes, guys. So like this you can affect on teams or players opinion:) This was, is and will be. Sometime you give confidence to players, sometime depress them. And this is oftenly unfair

About team.

After last change our play = full lose. Im very sad, that happened. But life is going on and in futute a lot of things wait us(together of splitted):)

Im apologise people who truly support us and loves us from the last forces. Im sure, that every of us really played us much as can. But we cant become a team. There is a lot of opionions how it happened…

I wont write about it. But will say from my face, im very shamefully for my play. Im tried to give my maximum with such stress and responsibility, that was. Yes, indeed, we can do better, play better, get better decisions. Everyone can make a mistake:)

Team win and team lose! There are 8 players in team. 5 players, analysts, trainer, manager. I could say a lot of information and get a lot of personal things, but wont.

Troubles, why we lose? There are 2 by my opinions (and a loooooooooooooooooooot of little)

1:We arent team(and cant became it for time,that we had). A lof of factors. From believing each other, mutual aid, understanding, etc, to typicial friendship. We cant come to a consensus(without it team cant work or work very bad)

2:In games we lost, we lost drafts(draft is 70% of the game in dota now) We lostr and lost very shamefully.

But lose, huge hate cant crash me. I will continue do that i love and i like. And im from all my soul is very grateful to all, that supports me and no matter what continues believe in me.

I dont know, how its going, will i continute play in Navi or in another team. But I know exactly, that i will continue go my road with head held high.

This is fun read comparison with Schumacher, Lebron, Kobi, Messi, Maradonna, Putin, Trump and etc. Sorry guys, but Im Danil Ishutin!

I will continue to live and do that i like. Im insanely grateful to destiny that i have such possibility. And im want that all of you live without envy,toxic,hate and you can do that you like. Or just try to find that will get you a pleasure in live.

Do sport, care you health, be with family. Dont waste your time on hate or envy. We live once.

My future plans:

Im very tires of last year. I gave all more and more. Get through tire and sores.

This year for dota was super saturated. Im sure, that im not alone in community:) Im not complaining! I am very excited and only stronger got on fire for next season. Its insanely sad to not reach TI like a player by a 2nd year. But live isnt stopping on this. I will continitue go to my goal till my interests not changesd, and i wont to do something else

Now Im planning to relax until new season. Improve health. Fully reload morally and start to give all more than in this season. I dont know that destiny will give me. I dont decided where i will play and with who. Now i dont plan even think of it. Will I stay in Navi? Time will show. And this is not only my choice:)

Im planning play matchmaking. Maybe will stream for you and answer a few questions, that dont decided to write or forget. Maybe will analyze some your games.

I hope, that people who know me personally, will write me a few lines. Everything! Bad or good. There are a lot of themes i want to tell you. But there are som many text.

I will repeat, dont waste your time on hate, envy and emotions like this. We live Once. Your Danya.


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