FlytoMoon bought out by Winstrike

Winstrike has entered Dota 2 by acquiring the FlytoMoon Dota 2 roster. The FTM Dota 2 team has been making strides in the Dota 2 scene with strong placements in the tournaments that they have attended. With Winstrike acquiring the roster, they will be guaranteed a lot of support and backend staff.

“Negotiations with FTM were finished back at EPICENTER XL. We have long standing plans regardless of The International 2018 CIS Qualifier results. We will keep the FlyToMoon identity in the team’s style and social media communication. More details will be revealed on Aug. 1, during a special event at Winstrike Arena”

— Yaroslav Komkov, Winstrike managing partner

There will be an event announcing the acquisition on August 1 at the Winstrike arena.

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