Mineral’s thoughts on Overwatch League Season end

Florida Mayhem coach, Mineral has published a write-down of his thoughts on the end of Overwatch League Season 1. The first season of OWL saw 12 teams compete and the playoffs are scheduled for August 2018.

The last seven months have flown by.

Now that the regular season has reached its conclusion, it offers half of the league an early opportunity to reflect, regroup and set new goals. And that includes us.

Every team faced its own trials and tribulations throughout the year, and we were no different. We didn’t manage to reach our goals, and it’s crucial to step back and evaluate everything in order to make a leap in the right direction moving forward.

For myself, I regret not being healthy enough to help my team during the final stage of the season. The team needed a leader, and in that regard I failed them. It was very difficult to accept that I needed to take care of myself first before helping others. But I’m incredibly proud of our coaching staff and all our players for not giving up, and trying their utmost even when all seemed lost. The pressure of the league is incredible, and it’s extremely difficult to not crack under the spotlight. Thank you all for showing character.

When things go wrong, the easiest thing to do is to deflect and point fingers. Accountability is a concept I value a ton in a team atmosphere, and it’s incredibly important in order to grow. Failure can be damning, or it can be used as motivation to spring one to greater heights.

I want to thank our fans for the never-ending support. It’s tough to stick with a team through thick and thin when the performance on the stage or the work behind the scenes doesn’t appear to warrant it. It’s my responsibility to ensure that this support is repaid with victories. That hasn’t been the case, and I won’t be satisfied until it is.

This season has been an incredible roller-coaster ride that has taught the importance of camaraderie, emotion, trust and commitment. These lessons are priceless, and I cherish them.

Off-season doesn’t signal an opportunity to rest, but a chance to get better. I’ll be looking to return to team facilities shortly, as focus shifts to Contenders, and I’ll work extremely hard to become a better coach.

Thank you to the Florida Mayhem fans, management, coaching staff, social team, players, and everyone involved with the Overwatch League for an incredible inaugural season that’s inching toward its conclusion. You made this year special, and the future is bright.

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