Fnatic replace Golden with Draken

Swedish Esports organization, Fnatic has decided to replace it’s player Golden with Draken on their CSGO Roster. Notably, Golden was under consideration for a replacement in early 2018, however, due to the team’s strong performances at aa few tournaments, the team decided to retain the player. Subsequently, Fnatic did not achieve the desired results and it is now time for a change.

Golden will be moved to the substitute role. He is also searching for opportunities elsewhere while the organization decides on his future. He is a product of the Fnatic Academy and is an example of a grassroots scene existing for the region. His accomplishments are quite a many and he has been able to lead play up to the level of the best International players in the scene.

Two years ago, I started in the Fnatic Academy and one year later I joined the main Fnatic team playing with players I’ve always looked up to. But now, my time in the Fnatic starting lineup has come to an end. I wish for my former teammates the best of luck in their future endeavours.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and, of course, I give a big thank you to the management and the players at Fnatic.

My ambition and goals remain high. Changes like these can be dispiriting, especially as this is a first for me, but I’m highly motivated to continue playing at a high level.

I see this now as an opportunity to grow as a player and a leader, as I believe I have a lot more to show. I need to take the experience I gained into the right direction for a future home to represent.

Last but not least, thank you to every Fnatic fan who followed the journey I took from Academy to where we are today.



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