What’s New in the World of eSports Betting?

The world we live is on a constant move. Nothing slows down, not even betting. With the rapid growth of online gaming, which is now a professional industry, there were many sites which popped up. These esports betting sites allow you to make all kinds of bets on various games, and if you are interested, then you can place bets on eSports tournaments at GGBet.

First, a little bit of context.

Nowadays, video games are considered by an increasing number of people more a form of sport than entertainment, as it was considered some years back. To give us a scale of this change, the eSports tournaments can have prize pools that can reach millions of dollars.

Along with these prizes came the betting markets. Esports betting is now bigger than ever and is treated with all seriousness and professional taste. Money is money, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Even so, if you were told 10 years ago that you can make fortunes from betting on kids playing video games, how many of you would have believed it?

How big did this type of betting become?

When we are talking about eSports betting, then we are talking about a meteoric rise. And because of this growth, there were numerous companies that conducted research studies into this phenomenon.

A study from Newzoo claims that the eSports industry is valued at close to $700 million ($696 million, to be precise). Others say that it is close to a billion dollars. Anyway, we are talking about a lot of bucks.

This figure is expected to continue in its increase and reach $1,5 billion by 2020. But pay attention here, we are talking just about the games. If we were to include the betting industry as well, then the figure would be much, much higher.

How is it still growing?

More and more people become attracted to the gaming world. A lot of games grow to be eSports material and because of this, a lot of betting options appear as well. Pinnacle, a renowned betting company, managed to get 2 million bets in just six years. By 2016, they got 4 million bets and in 2018 they expect to reach their 10th million.

The selection of games is widening, the betting options vary, there are more matches and more tournaments. If we were to do the exact math, then we would fall under the immense number of zeros.

If technology develops, so will the industry

There is a lot of money invested in online technology and because of this, it continues to grow at an overwhelming rate. Faster Internet connections will lead to better gaming performance. Thus, more people will be attracted to play. And from here to making bets is such a short distance.

As the players will get better gear and will perform a lot better, then the odds will change as well. The stakes will be higher, more money will be invested and so on in a never-ending cycle.

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