OPskins release reply to Valve

OPskins was recently under the hammer once again as Valve prohibited them from utilizing their IP without permission. The third-party trading website did release a statement. The statement, however, did not speak much on the actual ban as opposed to what Valve’s intentions.

Many esports betting sites have discouraged the use of skin betting sites, especially that of unregulated ones and ones that don’t have appropriate methods for stopping under 18s from gambling.


To the OPSkins Community,

Please be advised that Valve has notified us that they will disable OPSkins Steam accounts associated with trade on Steam by June 21, 2018.

OPSkins customers should withdraw their Steam-based items from OPSkins prior to June 21st to avoid any trading restrictions.

While Valve says that the reason is ExpressTrade, we expect that this is yet another effort from Valve to drive sales to Steam Community Market. ExpressTrade is a non-commercial use of Steam bots since it is free. It is designed to benefit the community by allowing free and instant trades among friends. We understand that Valve has an interest in driving sales to SCM, however customers have clearly shown that it’s their choice to use OPSkins instead.

  • SCM charges 15% commission, we charge 5%-10% commission on item sales (not ExpressTrade, which is free)
  • SCM has a maximum trade price of $2000 thus preventing certain items from trading at their actual value, but OPSkins has no price cap.
  • SCM does not allow cashouts. OPSkins has offered this since day one.
  • OPSkins has 24/7/365 customer support with an average response time of less than five minutes.

This does not mean the end of OPSkins.

First and foremost, your money is safe on OPSkins. Any wallet funds deposits will remain there, any cashoutable balances will remain cashoutable. We’re not going anywhere.

What’s next for OPSkins?

OPSkins has announced the integration of items for 19 blockchain-based games and services, and since they are smart-contract based, these itemscannot ever be taken away from item owners or held to trade restrictions.

Examples of this include the 17 non-fungible token games that we’ve integrated or announced integration for over the last few months, some are designed to mimic the trading experience of popular games but without onerous trading restrictions or fear of bannings.

Again these items cannot ever be taken away from item owners or held to trade restrictions.

OPSkins have also been in talks with major video game publishers over the last few months in regards to serving as the platform for their third-party trading markets.

Throughout the past 3+ years, OPSkins has been the #1 marketplace for the trading community to buy and sell skins. We have provided a way for traders to safely and securely buy and sell items using real money, without the risk of getting scammed – which didn’t exist before OPSkins launched.

We have eliminated the chargeback risk for sellers, ensured buyers receive their items, built and shared free tools with the community to maximize the trading experience, sponsored eSports events, hosted contests and given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in contest prizes, provided 24/7/365 customer support, and created work-arounds for difficult trading problems like the 7-day trade hold. This is all in addition to the variety of games, payment methods, cashout methods, and cryptocurrency options that OPSkins has implemented – to give our customers as many choices as possible to make the trading experience the best that it can be for the community.

We thank the community for your support during this time. We will continue to try to work with Valve on a solution, and will keep the community posted.

What do you think about this reply? Does it make much sense? Should OPskins continue in their current form, especially as Valve seems intent on disabling their service?

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