Synderen will not play in TI8 , will cast open qualifiers

Synderen is one of the well-known community figures in Dota 2. He wanted to form a team and participate in the TI8 open qualifiers. The performance of the team was almost guaranteed to be able to qualify, however, due to several reasons the team could not come together. As a result, Synderen will not be playing in the upcoming open qualifiers or TI8. Instead, he will be casting the TI8 open qualifiers and hope for a chance to cast the TI8.

One week ago today, when we were preparing for TI qualifiers with bootcamp etc., Madara and Khezu were approached by Misery with an offer of teaming up for the open qualifiers. They agreed, so we were down to three players and forced into open qualifiers from what should have been a guaranteed regional qualifier spot (both in EU and NA most teams have shuffled so you can count on one hand with teams are even eligible in each region).

The three of us remaining talked about what to do with the limited time and player pool remaining, and couldn’t find a solution we all liked so we looked into alternative options. qojqva ended up joining Alliance, and myself (and as far as I know, MNT) didn’t find our way into any team or find other players we were ready to commit with on so short notice.

It’s a shame. I was really looking forward to competing for TI qualifiers with these guys.


I’ll be going to the TI8 hub to cast the qualifiers and hope to be working at The International once again this year.

In other news, I’ve just moved to a new place yesterday so that has also taken quite a lot of time and energy recently. For those who watch my streams, I’ll be able to do it more frequently again soon.


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