U.S Supreme Court lifts ban on sports betting, eSports betting expected to explode

Earlier today the U.S Supreme Court has overturned a prohibition on sports wagering that some say has stuck around for much too long. Now, with the rule overturned, States are free to authorize sports betting however they see fit. Previously only the State of Neveda (Las Vegas) was the only place in the country where you could legally place bets on sporting events. However, most circumvented that rule by using offshore books such as 5Dimes, Bovada, Nitrogensports, etc. For a more complete list of offshore books that are popular in the esports betting scene check out eSportsKing, which lists a comprehensive guide and how to navigate the sometimes confusing world of esports betting.

Even with the plethora of offshore books, not many of them had a great variety of eSports bets, the common consensus was that it is a new sport and hard to handicap correctly without the book losing money due to sharp players. Now that sports betting is on the fast track to becoming legal, this is where Unikrn steps in. Unikrn has been working extensively on a new cryptocurrency esports wagering platform called UnikoinGold (UKG) where they are clearly the frontrunner of the market.

Famous American businessman, owner of NBA team Dallas Mavericks and investor Mark Cuban has been a big supporter of Unikrn and quite frequently shows his support for Rahul Sood (Unikrn CEO) and the UKG platform itself. Jacob Wolf of ESPN caught up with Mark Cuban earlier today to get his take on the ruling by the court today, check out the video below where he is extremely excited about this ruling and expects this to send shockwaves through the entire sports and entertainment industries, specifically how values of sports teams are easily expected to double.

Unikrn collaborated with the TRON Foundation to introduce Tron (TRX) crypto-currency to the network in August, one of the most forward-looking esports betting sites. The option of a broad forum for such a new currency is a bold move and shows that cryptocurrencies are here in one coin.

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