Renegades will be present at Starladder I league S5

Following Cloud9’s decision to not attend Starladder I league, Renegades have found new life as they will be present at the event in Kiev. Renegades had finished second in the qualifiers and narrowly missed the opportunity to be invited ot the event.

Renegades will be playing at ESL Pro league finals in Dallas and immediately be moving to the CIS region for the Starladder event. It will definitely be quite busy for the team which had an exceptional showing during IEM Sydney 2018.

Here is the team list for Starladder I league s5

North America LiquidEurope mousesports
United States NRGEurope HellRaisers
Kazakhstan AVANGARSweden GODSENT
Ukraine Natus VincerePoland AGO
Sweden NiPAustralia Renegades

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