The Ledger group to invest $1.5 million in Splyce

Splyce recently announced their departure from Counter-Strike. Poor results and lack of return on investment from the NA CSGO scene, resulted in them turning their focus to the league of Legends. The NA CSGO pro salary is definitely inflated right now and that often results in teams running at a huge loss.

A recent report by Esportsobserver suggests that Splyce will be on the path to receive a $1.5 million investment from the Ledger group. The investment group will rename to OverActive Media to reflect ownership of esports platforms.The buy-in for next seasons LCS is €8-10.5M.

Splyce CEO:

Partnering with The Ledger Group opens opportunity in Toronto, a key market in the northeast for us. From the early stages of conversation with Adam Adamou, our main point of contact at Ledger, it was clear that he and I had aligned ideas on where esports is heading and the opportunity in front of us. We’re excited to expand our investment outside of Western NY to strengthen our Northeast roots in North America

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