ImAPet leaves Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming added three new players to their CSGO roster with Jugi, Snappi, and Ruggah. The Greenwall NA roster has not had much success of late. Despite the intense funding received by the organization, they have not been able to turn it into success for the team.

Following these roster changes, ImApet the head coach for Optic Gaming has announced his departure from the team.

Since joining OpTic I haven’t had much stability. Everyday was a challenge since joining but I was up for it and gave it my 110% everyday even when the environment around me felt dead. With that said, I am grateful for the experiences I gained with the NA and EU lineup that helped me further develop as a coach and helped me fix my flaws that I had on CLG. I hope Infinite has gained some valuable experience in what to do and what not to do in CS:GO. I wish nothing but the best for my ex-teammates and I hope Stanislaw and Shahz find great homes as I think they can still offer a lot to teams. I am currently looking for a new team and gain some stability. Feel free to email me at or twitter DM.

Obviously there is a lot more to explain and a lot left unsaid but those things will be left for another time.

Thank you to all my teammates from the NA and EU lineup who have been a part of my journey as well. Lastly, thank you Hector for always being there and being a overall great guy. I think a lot of people give him way too much shit, trust me when I say he has done nothing but the right things behind the scenes. He is still the same guy you guys know and love.

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