launch invitational announced with a prize pool of $10,000

Another tournament with a prize pool of $10,000 has been announced. Sponsored by, the tournament will have eight invited teams. 

It is hosted by, a company hailing from Malta, and will feature an invite-only system. The matches start on April 17th.

The eight invited teams are :

Group AGroup B
Europe LDLCKazakhstan AVANGAR
Russia Quantum Bellator FireDenmark Fragsters
Russia SpiritSlovakia eXtatus
Germany ALTERNATE aTTaXEurope fnatic Academy

Quoting from HLTV;

The group stage will use a round-robin BO1 system, but all eight teams will advance to a single-elimination BO3 playoff bracket. There, the winner of the tournament will be found, with the prize pool being distributed in the following way:

1. $6,000
2. $3,000
3-4. $500

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