Team Property sign rdl as their coach

Team Property has announced the addition of Alexander “rdl” Redl as their coach for the CSGO team. The announcement was made yesterday on their official website. 

Quoting from the website:

Redl has previously worked with Godsent and made huge changes and we believe that Redl could bring our squad to the top tier.

Our roster has already managed to surprise the CS: GO field with some incredible wins and achievements and we think that with a coach as experienced as Redl we could challenge the top tier teams.

With our young and talented players and an experienced coach, we believe the road ahead of us is bright!

After a while away from coaching it feels good to be back with a big project, to make sure that our younger generation gets a good platform to work on going in to the future. It will be no easy task but I am determined to make sure that they have the best tools to make it going forward. See you on the battlefield!

– Alexander “rdl” Redl

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