MonteCristo feels Boston Uprising should not receive an exemption in picking up another player for OWL season 1

Boston Uprising received a huge setback as one of their star players, Dreamkazper was accused of sexual advances towards multiple underage girls. Using his position of power and fame to influence young minds is extremely unethical and potentially makes him liable to legal proceedings.

Dreamkazper has since been released from the roster and the organization has ended their contract with the DPS player. This does pave way for a gap in the roster as lost a valuable and skilled player. With the community calling for allowing Boston Uprising an extension to sign another player, there have been mixed reactions to such a potential decision.

Montecristo, one of the most well-known casters in the Overwatch League, feels that this should not be the course of action. It will set a precedent for other teams in the future and would be a bad idea.

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