Tricked bench Ryxxo

Tricked have made some changed to the starting lineup in their CSGO roster. Ryxxo who was part of the starting lineup has been moved to the bench while giving a chance to Simon “snedker” Snedker. Ryxxo has been a successful player on the team helping them achieve success. However, his form has fallen off in the recent months, especially with a change in playstyle following the addition of Anj on the roster. Tricked failed to guarantee an MDL spot for the upcoming season, definitely putting brakes on their future plans.

Snedker plays the role of the Main AWP on the team and will be helpful to the roster’s chances.

Tricked’s current lineup is:

  •  Peter “Inzta” Kragelund
  •  Mads “Console” Skovby
  •  Lucas “Lukki” Pilheden
  •  Allan “AnJ” Jensen
  •  Simon “snedker” Snedker
  •  Allan Rejin Petersen (coach)
  •  Thomas “Ryxxo” Nielsen (backup)

Source: HLTV

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