OpenAI might feature a full 5v5 in this year’s International

During TI7, we saw the first time OpenAI was played against a human being. Dota 2 is a very complex game and its probably much more complex than GO with its variable factors, no set rules and the choice of decision. A single decision can have thousands of outcomes depending on various permutations and combinations. When openAI was able to play a 1v1 in Dota 2 with dexterity, the community commented on how Dota 2 should be a 5v5 game. A 1v1 does not truly exemplify the details and the complexity of the game.

So in what may not come as a surprise, Open AI might just be preparing itself for a 5v5 competition during this year’s International. The match, if true, will be a moment in history in the development of Artificial Intelligence.

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