Fnatic invited to ESL One Cologne 2018

Fnatic is the third team to be invited to ESL One Cologne 2018. The Swedish team has been a participant in one of the most prestigious events in esports for several years now. ESL One Cologne is one of the marquee events in Counter-Strike calendar. However, this year the event will be streamed exclusively on Facebook and that has definitely put a dampener on the viewership figures for the event.

The newly crowned Intel Extreme Masters Katowice World Champions have a longstanding history at ESL One. Even though it has been a while since they’ve tasted success on the ESL One stage (their last trophy haul coming at ESL One Cologne 2015) their recent form has been eye opening. Back to back tournament victories at IEM Katowice and WESG leave fans and experts alike no chance but to see them as one of the favorites to win July’s festival in the Cathedral of Counter-Strike.

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